What is Age anyway?

via Daily Prompt: Age  What is Age anyway?

Depending on whether you are talking about wine or women and since I don’t know anything about wine, I’ll talk about women.  Age is a sensitive subject.  That’s what it is.

I was at a birthday party for someone who just turned 60.  It was my turn to greet her and I said, “Gosh you look good for your age!”  I meant it completely as a compliment, she did look good.  Her reply to me was, “Whatever 60 looks like!”  I was so surprised by her reaction.  I told her I meant it as a compliment and she said, “yeah thanks.”  In future I will just say, “Gosh you look good!” and leave off the words, “for your age!”  I don’t have to tell you how foolish I felt and I didn’t stay long at the party.  I felt that uncomfortable by her response.  Then it happened to me, the moment I knew I had aged prematurely.

When I was twenty-one I looked like was sixteen.  By the time I was 25 I looked 30,  by the time I was 45 people were guessing me to be 60.  The most hurtful moment was when I walked up to the cashier at a Zellers store and put my purchases on the counter.  “Are you a senior?” he asked.  “Oh… My…Gosh…!” I stammered.  “That comment is going to cost my husband $10,000 in face surgery!”  He must have felt the same way at that very moment as I did when the 60 year old reply to my comment.  He said, “Sorry ma,am, we have to ask everyone that.”  I looked at the line up behind me and I said, “So you are going to ask this young woman behind me who looks about 20 if she is a senior?”  Of course I realized after I left the store that I over reacted and should go back to apologize.  Really he was just doing his job but I was so hurt.  I was 45 at the time.  I think the seniors discount started at age 55 for Zellers.  I was too embarrassed to go back but over time I came up with a better response so I would be prepared for the next time I was asked that question.  The next time came around.  This time it was a female.  she asked, “Are you a senior?” to which I replied “Yes I am, give me my damn discount!”  It is definitely a much better feeling to turn something negative into a positive, plus I saved about ten bucks!

I could go on forever about age, how being in a car accident when I was twenty-three took its toll on me quickly.  The stress lines got deeper so that by the time I was 45 people were guessing me to be 60 or older.  People, don’t try to guess anyones age.  It just isn’t nice unless you are going to subtract at least 5 years off of what you are thinking to play it safe.  In my case it still wouldn’t be a nice number.

By the time I was 47, my eyelids were really starting to droop and jowls were getting so bad.  I decided to undergo a Thermage Treatment.  They claimed it would make a person look ten years younger.  They said I would notice a difference after about a week and it would keep tightening my skin over the next 6 months or so.  Okay, I fell for it.  They talked me in to botox and lipo under the chin as well although that is not what I was worried about.  It cost me $2500.  “Non-invasive surgery,” they said.  No down time, don’t have to be cut with a the knife. Every day I would look in the mirror for change and it did not happen, ever.  If it sounds to good to be true it probably is.  I saw Life-cell treatments offered as a non surgical facelift on TV and wondered if it was the same thing but with another name.   I contacted them by letter.  They did not reply.

At the time of my treatment I’m pretty sure the right side of my face was the same as the left or I just never noticed it.  Over the next year in photos I started to notice the right side drooping more than the left.  It was like maybe the treatment worked on one side and not the other.  No point in going back to see the Surgeon since it wasn’t guaranteed anyway.  I looked like I had a mini stroke or something.

I have learned to live with it now and probably will never have a facelift.  I would love to but when I look at the celebrities that have had it done I notice they don’t even look like themselves anymore, so I think I’ll pass.  I’ll just be comfortable in my own skin, accept the cards I have been dealt.  I can’t do anything about the way other people see me and I don’t care to worry about it anymore.  I have written a post about Make Up that is scheduled to be uploaded in a day or two.  It is not a tutorial.   It talks more about people judging you because of how you look.  Please feel free to visit my blog.

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  1. It is natural to want to guess a person’s age, but you are right, it can bring embarrassment to both the guesser and guessee. In the long run, does it really matter? Our society is so obsessed with age and I think what you say about being “comfortable in your own skin” is most important. I’m in my mid fifties and I’m sure what other see when they look at me is not what I think they see!


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