Photo Challenge: Cheeky

via Photo Challenge: Cheeky

This is my all time favourite photo of Kitty Kat.  I don’t know how I did it but I snapped this photo at exactly the right time.  Love how he’s perched on this stump with his eye on what might possibly be his next meal, his tongue ready to snap it up.  I’m glad it wasn’t though, I don’t want to witness that.

This is one of his favourite places in the yard.

Kitty Kat is very cheeky at times and extends his paw out to touch me as I walk by. He doesn’t stray too far from home and is quick to come back inside.  He really doesn’t want to escape but like all of us humans, freedom feels great!

Our rescue cat gives us great pleasure.  He has such an awesome personality.  Everyone loves him and he loves everyone too.  He is friendly and playful this cat of ours.  We’ve had him a year now and I cannot imagine our life without him now.

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  1. I imagine he can be quite cheeky, as he sits there surveying his kingdom! The resemblance to our Mr. Kitty is quite remarkable. He too was rescured as a baby, one wet and stormy night. Unfortunately, he is no longer with us and his fate may have been a coyote or an owl. I love that your Kitty Cat has a safe enclosure!

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