Improving my blog

I was so excited to receive the second assignment from the “University of Blogging,” that is until I read it.  The first part of the assignment is to change the title of my blog!  Well I immediately got my back up and thought, “What the heck is wrong with the title?  It is where I am right now, a little dark, angry at times and calm the next.”

A few minutes passed and I was warming to the idea of changing the title, however nothing has come up yet that really says what it is currently about…ranting!  Okay, I get it, people don’t want to read negative stuff all the time which is where the “Reason” comes in.  Rant and Reason.  Reason is about other things, like a cat who needed rescuing literally walks in the front door, moving away from family, etc.  I like the dark background with Kitty Kat’s eyes following me in and out of each post because like I said before “Kitty Kat calms me down.”  The blog itself, it’s who I am right now.”  Oh, wow!  I just thought about what my tag line should be!  The title, not so much.  The second part of the assignment is to write a tag line.  The theme I am currently using does not allow for a tag line to show so I will write it here:

“It’s who I am right now.”

The important thing to note here is, it says it’s who I am Right Now.  This implies that I know I will change.  I will not always be more full of negative emotions than positive ones.  I am taking the Blogging University program to become a better writer but also a more positive one.  I want to eventually have a whole new blog when I have a brighter outlook on life and actually show my face on it instead of using my cat  The current one is somewhat anonymous.  The new blog will have a bit of DIY projects / videos (if I get the courage) and positive changes once I figure out what those changes are and how they work out.

I am hoping this course will teach me about the different “Themes” available and how to customize everything because believe it or not I like to be creative!  I want to add widgets and a link to my online store once I get it up and running.  I have a plan, well sort of.  In the new year I will either change-up this blog or start a new one.  That is not a New Year’s resolution, but It could be.  I want to finish this course before I start totally over.

If anyone reading this blog has any ideas of what I might change the title too, please share it with me.  Is there a better way of saying Rant and Reason?  I am supposed to come up with it myself but haven’t thought of anything yet.  I hope it is okay for the blogging community to help me out!  I can already see how this program is going to help me look at things differently.  Thank you for your help!

Till next time,

I’m Frazzled Again



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  1. Naming your blog, writing the about you page, posting regularly, all the tough stuff of blogging isn’t easy. I do know that once you’ve started, changing the name is doable, but has its challenges. I renamed mine after a year and don’t regret it, but it was still a chore. You’re on the right track and I love your voice and your cat’s pictures too!

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