2nd and 3rd Degree Burns

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The photo above is representing a burn that I got when I was 9 years old.  Kitty Kat here was actually attacked by a coyote.  I like to use my own photos in my posts and use poor Kitty Kat’s images to represent the subject.

At nine years old I came home from school at lunch time and started making myself a sandwich.  This is going to sound awful but my sandwich was actually a piece of bread with sugar piled on it (yes I have a major addiction to sugar to this day) and then I add a bit of tea so it is not so dry going down.  This even sounds horrible to me as I’m writing it but at the time my mouth was drooling, couldn’t wait to bite down on all that sugar.  I wasn’t suppose to have it so I was sneaking it.  With the kettle freshly boiled I proceeded to pour the water in my cup with the tea bag.  My mom came in just as I was doing that and immediately reached to take the bread away from me.  In doing so the boiling water went off course and on to my side and stomach.  I had my favourite pink and white dress on that I had just received for Easter.  A bit of water ended up in the cup with the tea bag and it too spilled all over my beautiful new dress.  It was totally ruined.

My mother in a panic tried to take the dress off of me but I didn’t want anyone to see me without clothes on so I wouldn’t let her.  She did pull it up chest high so she could see if I was okay.  I wasn’t!  The skin was blistering and some skin was peeling right off.  I was in such pain and really upset that I couldn’t have my bread, sugar and tea!!!  I’m glad I didn’t lash out and blame her for spilling the hot water on me, I’m sure she felt bad enough.  Off to the clinic we went.  Not to the emergency room, we just went to the clinic and they immediately rushed me to hospital.  They were worried about infection.

I had not thought about this incident in years until today.  Writing about it reminds me of an even more traumatic experience that weekend.  I was in the hospital for 3 days.  I can’t remember if they were between first and second degree or second and third degree burns but it was bad enough to put me in an isolation unit all by myself.  Avoiding infection was their first priority.  They came in to change the dressings every three hours.

Over the three days I was in the hospital I “met” a friend.  I did not make friends easy but this was different because she was in the room across from me and so we smiled and waved to each other.  It was perfect, I didn’t have to talk and feel stupid, we just caught each others eye every once in a while and we would smile and wave.  I asked the nurse what she was in there for and the nurse told me she had Leukemia.  I found out that was a bad thing.  She was very ill and might not get to go home.  The second day I was there the nurse took me across the room so I could meet this little girl.  I can’t remember her name darn it.  I was only there for a few minutes but for the first time in my life I found it easy to face someone and say hello.

When I went back to my room I was more worried about her than my silly old burns.  Her eyes were so dark and sad, literally dark circles around both eyes.  At first glance you would think she had been beat up.  I was told the Doctors were going to let me go home the next morning so I asked if I could see my new friend again.  They told me I would not be able to see her once I left the hospital.  Gosh I was so confused.  I didn’t understand this at all.  I finally made a friend all on my own and I wasn’t going to be able to see her anymore.

The next morning I woke up eagerly waiting to smile and wave to the girl across the hall.  I waited…and waited….  My mom and dad came in to pick me up to go home and I cried because I wanted to see my friend.  Mom asked the nurse if I could see her and that is when I found out she had passed away in the night.  Oh my gosh!  This is bringing tears to my eyes as I’m writing now.  It had been so long since I had thought of her.  I survived my trauma but she sure didn’t.  I felt so empty, lost.

I did end up with scars for the rest of my life, I looked at them this morning to see if they were still there.  They are but very faint.  I think the scars that were left by the death of that little girl is really what mattered.  The memories of that scar had faded too but they will never disappear.  Leukemia sucks!

Thank you for listening,

I’m Frazzled Again.


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