Everyone has a Theory


via Daily Prompt: Theory

In theory, an anxious person should be able to “get over it” by doing things they are afraid of.  Facing our fears, we are told, will help cure our panic attacks, shyness.  In one sense that is true and in another not so much.

A shy person, who experiences nervousness, prior to meeting people or going on stage can certainly “get over it” by doing the very thing they are afraid of over and over again. It is certainly true, the more you do something, the more comfortable you are doing it.  If you are shy and lacking a little self-confidence there are a lot of programs you can take, self-help books you can read and it is a good idea to do so.

Anxiety is quite a different matter depending on how long you’ve had it and what caused it.  I know this because I have spent years doing a lot of things I am uncomfortable doing.  I never get over the anxiety.  I have learned how to manage it, hide it and deal with it.  I can now do things that I never thought possible but not because I continue to do things.  It is because I have learned to think differently about myself.  It is because I am around people who give me encouragement, confidence and love.  No matter what I do, no matter how many times I have done it, I still get anxious.  I still get panic attacks.

I had to decide to crawl in a closet and die or just do what I felt like doing.  I did a lot of research looking for self-help videos and books.  The one program I finally chose to pay for is one that helped me immensely.  It was probably 15 years ago when I ordered this program.  Unfortunately, it is in the form of cassette tapes so I can’t even offer to give it away these days.  Back then it was perfect for me.  I would play these tapes in the comfort of my own home, bedroom.

Lucinda Bassett shared a lot of information and some of it stuck with me.  The most important one that hit home for me was learning to think differently, and turn negative energy in to positive energy.  I just checked online this morning and found she does have a website and a blog, books etc.  I know there are a lot of programs out there, this is the woman who helped me start to overcome my anxiety.  It is not the only thing but definitely a big thing.  Here is the link to her website if you are interested…


I am not in any way getting paid by this person or company to promote this product.  I am just sharing because it might help someone.

Thank you for checking in today,

I’m Frazzled Again


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