One Month Review at year end 2017

I‘m hitting 50 and I don’t mean miles per hour!  Yes, I am almost at 50 likes, 49 to be exact.  I know it is not that important, but cool just the same. I am in my third week of blogging and I certainly did not intend to write everyday but I have been.  I have already written 30 posts, I follow over 100 Bloggers and try to keep up with them constantly.  It is a lot of reading which I am not used to doing but am getting use to it and enjoying it.  It is difficult keeping all the stories straight to each blogger, but I am working on it.  I am trying to go through everyone’s blog I follow and read at the very least the about page and a few more posts.

I haven’t yet written my best post of 2017 I’m sure, but there is one that didn’t get read too many times because it has changed from the original post, that is the About Me page which I now call, “Getting to know Me.”  If you have a minute it would be great if you would have a re-read.  My purpose for writing the blog has changed so the “Getting to know me page has changed as well.  I’ve learned a lot already!

   Click here to read my “Getting to know me” page

One thing I would like to update you on, if you have been following and reading my posts is the post on Daily Prompt Varnish.   Click here if you would like to read that post.

The update is, there is really good news.  My friend who was going for more cancer tests has been told that the cancer has not spread and they got it all the first time.  I am so pleased, they will have a much happier Christmas now.  I might be able to get him to make me another cane after all!  when he is feeling better.

Some of my favourite blogs are funny, emotional, entertaining and / or inspirational.  There are too many individual posts to list so I am going to share just a few blogs that you can check out here.  Just clink on the link.

Insomnia Girl – This is just so funny! I wish I had thought of doing a blog like that.

Beckie’s Mental Mess – She is inspirational, lots of interesting things to read about here

Becoming Allie – Gutsy, encouraging, mind-boggling to go through all that!, Insightful

Cats and Trails and Garden tales The title says it all, great photos too!

Anxious Ren – She has just met her biological father, read, and ride the emotional roller coaster with her

candidchicanablog  Believe in yourself, depression, inspiration

There are so many more that I still want to get to know.  I have been conversing with a few and even though some are not listed here, they are some of my favs.

It’s funny when you think you know what you are going to write about, ends up being something totally different.  I know I will have a lot more to say before the end of this year.  Here is a summary of some of the Kitty Kat photos I have used for my posts.  He makes all of my expressions perfectly.

Cheeky Kitty Kat perched surveying his Kingdom
Surveying his Kingdom
Blank stare, nothing matters, no hope
Emotionless, Blank, Dazed, in despair
Kitty Kat, chillin' listening to his surroundings
Listening to the Music of Legends
meager earnings
You’ve got to be kidding


Charles Dickens Cane
Varnished to perfection this black, shiney, Charles Dickens Cane!
Kitty Kat with the cauliflower ear
Be comfortable in your own skin
Kitty Kat desk
What’s in your job description?

Kitty Kat no hair

Kitty Kat - Not again!
Everyone has a theory
When will it ever stop!
chemical imbalance, depression
Depressed Living somewhere between hell on earth and hell


I’m Frazzled Again.




8 thoughts on “One Month Review at year end 2017

Add yours

  1. Hi there, Sweetie. Thank you so very much for mentioning my blog, and the kind words. This means so much to me.
    I completely understand about changing your blog along the way, heck… I did. But, it makes life interesting I think.
    Just keep on keeping on, and write about whatever you are feeling. Stay true to yourself, and enjoy the ride. Guaranteed, you will gain more followers and new interest to share.
    Happy “Almost 50″… LOL!!!

    Liked by 2 people

  2. Congrats on your continual learning and perseverance! A bit of advice about 49 – for some darn reason, we women (‘cuz I did so, too) tend to say, “I’m almost 50” and focus on that instead of embracing 49 while we’re there. Enjoy 49, it only happens once! And Beckie’s advice above is so very true!

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