Miraculous recovery


via Daily Prompt: Miraculous

The day Kitty Kat went missing was so stressful.  He was an outdoor cat.  I guess he still is but not like before.  We always let him outside whenever he wanted to go because he liked being outside.  My husband heated the tool shed in the winter and cut a hole in the wall so he could hide out or hang out in there if he got cold and of course he could always come inside as well.  He had a lot of freedom.

Our daily routine was to leave him outside during the day when we were at work.  The neighbours knew him well, he walked around like he owned the neighbourhood.  I would get home from work around 4:15 pm.  As soon as he heard the car pull in or the beep of the car locking, Kitty Kat would come running.

One September evening Kitty Kat did not come running.  It was a little odd but it was still daylight, he was probably just busy visiting the neighbours.  Six pm rolled around, seven pm, no Kitty Kat.  We started searching up and down the alley, streets near by, we couldn’t find him anywhere.  There isn’t much you can do when a cat goes missing except to wait for him to come home if you can’t find him.  We left the basement door open so he could wander in when he decided to return, but we were getting really worried.

The next morning came and still no Kitty Kat.  We searched the neighbourhood some  more to no avail.  My husband and I had to go to work and all we could do was hope he would find his way home.  4:15 pm still no Kitty Kat.  We were really starting to panic, we called friends around the area and no one had seen him.  My friend volunteered to walk further up the hill where all the stray cats stay at night.  Nothing.  She walked in to our back yard and she found him lying motionless in his little house.  Totally motionless.  His eyes were partially open, there was blood all over him.  He would not, or could not come out of his house.  He wasn’t in there earlier, I had looked.  I was afraid to move him so I called my husband, he managed to get him out of the cage.  It was around 7 pm, there were no vets open in town.  The blood was mostly dried in his fur so it had to have been the night before that he was attacked.

I don’t know how he managed to make his way home and jump up in to his little house.  He must have been in shock.  “How long had he waited for his predator to leave before coming home?” I wondered.  We didn’t think he was going to make it through the night.  He could barely move but managed to crawl in to the closet in our bedroom.  It is said that if a cat is ready to die they will find a place to be by themself so they can die alone.  I was horrified.  I thought he was just going to lay down and die.

Miraculously he survived this attack.  There were 4 different areas that had puncture wounds.  He walked like his right back leg was injured.  The vet thought it might have been an owl, but it could have been a coyote.  He was on pain meds for a few days and he eventually started moving around a little better.  We don’t let him outside at night anymore even though he wants to.  It is too dangerous.  I would be devastated if I were to lose my Kitty Kat.

Keep your pets safe everyone,

I’m Frazzled Again.

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