So…You’re going on a diet!

Why do we say we are going on a diet when we are already on a diet?  A diet is something we are on everyday of our life.  Whether it is healthy or unhealthy is besides the point.  It is what you make it.  Every single fad diet in the world can succeed or fail, the result depends totally on you.  To manage your diet in a healthy way and to maintain an ideal weight involves changing your lifestyle, not just a two-week change in eating habits.

Weight Watcher’s is probably the most famous, successful weight loss program in the world.  I have never tried it personally, I am a pretty fussy, picky, finicky eater.  It has the largest success rate I would imagine, of people being able to lose the weight and keep it off.  I would say that is probably because of the menu, it includes regular food.  Instead of counting calories, you count points.  While weight watcher’s has a great success rate, lots of people have also failed to maintain their weight to their ideal goal.  They may reach it, but then they go back to eating the way they use to and gain all that weight back and maybe more.  Just like the two-week fad diets to lose five to ten lbs., they go back to their usual unhealthy eating habits.  If you continued with the fad diet, you would lose more weight.  If it is healthy, you will be able to maintain, it all comes back to sticking to it.

The great cabbage soup diet, it works great but after two weeks, you can’t stand to eat it anymore.  Does it make sense to try a new diet that you know you won’t be able to stick to for longer than two weeks?  Okay, if you are getting married and want to lose five lbs., maybe it makes sense, or does it?  Do you want to gain the five lbs back on the honeymoon?  Research your options of diets, check out the menus, if there is a huge variety and it allows you your ice cream, potatoes, etc. every once in a while, you might be able to stick to it.

What is the answer for us that have difficulty staying at our ideal weight?  The simple answer is, be realistic in your goals, pick a good diet and stick to it even after you get to your ideal weight.  Do not stray.

Some people, like me, are junk food junkies.  I figured out the perfect healthy eating plan for me, I’ve lost the weight for two – three years at a time.  Then it happens.  One slip of the chocolate, chips, or ice cream and I am back hard at it.  I totally go off the healthy life-style.  At first I think, “Oh well it is only one, what can it hurt?”  Then it goes on for one day, one week.  I buy chocolate bars and chips when  I am at the grocery store, hide them from hubby until he notices..”Um, honey?  Are you still on your diet?  Because it looks like you are gaining weight.”  Yes, he said that to me.  So here we go again, alright time to get back to healthy eating.  One month, two months, one, two years goes by, and I have gained back the 20 lbs I lost plus 10 more lbs.  I can’t stop the junk food.  It took six months to lose it and two years of going hog-wild eating junk food to gain it back.

The thing is, it worked.  The new healthy diet worked.  I did not stick to it.  I have been back to junk food now for two years.  Yes a new year is coming and I have convinced myself it is time.  The last time I started it was 2013.  I started it New Years Day and it worked until I took a trip home for a wedding and started eating junk again.  That was almost two years ago.

Well 2018, here’s to a new healthy eating lifestyle; again.  This time there is no going back to junk food.  I have tonight, tomorrow night and New Year’s Eve to get my fill of junk.  Then it is all over but the crying.


I’m Frazzled Again.

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  1. Reblogged this on Smorgasbord – Variety is the spice of life and commented:
    For those of you have loved and failed every new diet fad under the sun or diet group and failed, however successful their statistics.. you are not alone. As Frazzled Again says.. we are on a diet every day of our life..good or bad.. the only person standing in the way of the good diets being successful is ourselves. #recommended

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  2. To me a diet is abusing the body. If things are out of whack then you change your nutrition gradually. When you tie a rope as a “quick fix”, chances are that rope will untie and probably unravel leaving you in a more problematic state than before. Same with diets.

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  3. Haahaaa so true . I’m so tired of diets!!! Thanks for the post it’s a nice reminder not to take this dieting thing so seriously and enjoy life! Happy New Year to you and Cheers😀

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