I have a quick question

I noticed this morning there was a link attached to one of my posts.  It is a French site and it links back to what I assume is a health and nutrition site.  It is all in French so I don’t know.  It doesn’t look like they are following my site.

I am wondering if this is good for my blog? Bad for my blog? or doesn’t really matter?  Their link is in the comment section of my “final ice cream” blog so I guess the idea is people will click on their link to get nutritional information.

Can this hurt my blog?  It looks like they have copied it and translated it to French.

Will this bring traffic to my blog? or will it send traffic to their blog?  Anyone know the answers, please respond.

I love it when people re-blog my post but they are usually following my blog.

As word has it,

I’m Frazzled Again!

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  1. At first it seemed like it could be a good thing, but they don’t attribute the original writing to you. Theirs says, “By Balance Plus.” Which, makes my English teacher senses tingle. Haha But, they do leave your sign off at the end. So… either they figured that was good enough attribution or they are lazy plagiarizers. Surely, malicious intent wasn’t there though, since they linked you to it…. I don’t know. Unless they attribute the piece to you and link back to your blog on their page, I say probably not good. Or neutral, at best.

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      1. Thank you, yes it is hard to say. I think mostly they are using my blog tog et traffic to their website for business, could work in my favour though like you say. I’m new at this


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