The Final Carton of Ice Cream

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Believe it or not, it is 10:30 am and I am going to eat the ice cream in the picture above.  You know how the diets say everything in moderation?  There is no moderation for me.  It is New Year’s Eve day and I still have enough left for one more bowl this evening.  This is not unusual for me, that is why I have to cut it out completely.  There will be no “maybe just one.”  No, not for me.  If you don’t have an addiction and you have the willpower to stop, then you are okay.  My name is, “Frazzled Again,” and I am a junk food junky.   I am not making light of real addicts out there as in alcoholics, drug addicts.  For me this is a real addiction.

It is not so much a New Year’s resolution as it is just the right time to start my healthy eating life-style again.  I tried it earlier this year, back in March.  I always use the same method because it does work for me, but like I said before, it only works so long as I stick to it.  You can check out my previous post about “So…you’re gong on a diet.”  I am not going to repeat the whole thing here, but I am finally ready to cut the fat!

In March I went on my usual protein and fibre menu with occasional carbohydrates added at individual times.  Eating fibre at the same time you are eating protein helps the protein digest better, breaks up the fat and so on.  I read about it many years ago, I don’t remember where but I tried it and it works extremely well.  This time around though, my system didn’t handle it very well.  I was getting light-headed, sick and weak any time I stood up for more than a couple of minutes.  This is hard to explain when you are in the middle of a photo-shoot with 13 women.

I had to figure out what was going on.  It continued for about a month and I went back to my regular eating habits which is very unhealthy.  A few months later I went to emergency because I was having severe chest pains, thought I was having a heart attack.  They took x-rays and blood tests right away.  The Doctor on call says, “Well, nothing is showing up in your heart, it all looks good, but you are anemic, very anemic.”

I went on iron pills and added more red meat to my diet and more fat on my body lol.  I am no longer anemic, but I am still over-weight.  Thinking back to what I did different in March than I had done previous years, I realized that I had added soda crackers to my diet (carbohydrates), when I was too lazy to actually make my eggs to take to work.  I had totally cut out red meat because it was starting to make me sick thinking about eating animal meat.  Weird because I have always been a meat and potatoes girl.

Now I have it figured out and will give it a go again starting tomorrow.  Yes, it involves counting calories, but only until you get use to how many calories are in everything you eat.  I have a very minimal menu of foods I will eat so it is easy for me to count.   I will take iron pills along with eating a bit of red meat so I don’t become anemic again.

Tomorrow morning when I first wake up I will weigh in, have my scrambled eggs and green beans, etc.  I will take a photo of myself, since this blog is anonymous I will only share from the shoulders down, but I will share and post every Monday, the progress I am making.  I will lay out a guideline towards a menu as well, but it will be up to you to do your research and figure out your own menus, what works for you.  It has to be realistic, one that you will follow for years to come, not a quick five pound weight loss to get in to a dress, then gain it back again.

So I will sign off until next year then.  2017 was rather crappy at times and I just have to move on.  I am so thankful that I have a blogging community that I can share my wows and woes with.  I am grateful for the people who are following my blog, and if not following still liking, commenting.  I have never written anything before starting this blog, other than starting to write chapters for a book which probably will never get published, at least for many years.  I am self-assessed ADHD and have a hard time reading long stories, but the blog stories, poems, and photos are perfect for me.  I have learned so much about blogging and about the community of people who blog.

2018 hear we come!  Have a wonderful New Year!  If your new year is not looking so great right now, I pray that it will get better for you soon.  If it is looking good, I pray that it will continue to be good.  I will actually re-post my new Weekly Sunday Positive Thinking Guide at 4 pm today.  It was Christmas Eve when I posted #1 so not many views.  Not sure New Years Eve is a better time but will post anyway.

Until tomorrow,

I’m Frazzled Again.


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  1. Right after I finished eating it, my husband came home with bacon! Oh my gosh! I didn’t tell him about the ice cream so I had to eat eggs and bacon too! Ugh! He’s a runner, so I knew I could sneak the ice cream!


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