Conversations With a Deaf Man

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It is amazing how one little word can make reminisce about things from years ago.  My husband is about 90% deaf.  He hasn’t always been deaf.  He wears $5000 hearing aids and still has trouble hearing properly.  His hearing loss has certainly been gradual because when I first met him he could hear just fine, or maybe we just didn’t notice.

Years of working in construction without wearing ear protection has ruined hubby’s hearing completely.  Back in the day, before Workman’s Compensation was a thing, ear plugs were not even considered in  most cases.  Hearing all the loud machinery day in and day out causes deafness.  He is in his 60’s now and has to wear hearing aids in both ears.

Our conversations go something like this;

  • Me:  “I’m going to the kitchen to get some crackers.”
  • Hubby:  “You’re going to the garage to get a chair?”
  • Me:  “I’m going to make a cup of tea.”
  • Hubby:  “Why are you telling me you have to go pee?”

You get the point.  I say something and he responds with a question every time because he is never sure of what I said.  It has resulted in much less conversation, which really sucks, but it is worse for him.  It definitely affects his social life.  We were never real social, but for the first 15 years we danced a lot.  We don’t do that anymore because, while you can feel the beat, there is so much other noise at the same time he can’t feel it properly.  I do miss the conversations but he is such a great man.  I wouldn’t trade him for the world.  Sometimes people think he is being rude because he just nods his head when he doesn’t really know what was said.  He will look away and look at something else so he has a reason that he couldn’t hear properly.

These days we just tell people right away, especially at grocery counters and we make light of it so it is not a big deal.  It really isn’t a big deal anymore, we are both use to the lifestyle now, doesn’t mean we don’t wish it was different.  There are much bigger problems in the world today than losing your hearing, however if you can avoid losing it you will be much better off so….Turn The Music Down!!!  You will hurt your ears!  I know, it won’t happen to you, or will it?  Even I, with all this warning, will forget to put earplugs in when working around loud noises.  I will have no one to blame but myself.

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I’m Frazzled Again.





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  1. My hubby worked at a job for years where the noise level was atrocious. I have noticed hearing deficit on account of his job that he worked so I totally understand where you and your hubby are coming from. I knew of someone else who had to wear hearing aids and he chose to learn sign language in order to communicate. Would that be an option for you and hubby to undertake together to learn sign language? That would get both of you involved in something something social and have people around you who totally understand what you are going through. Just an idea I had that I passed on to you… Much Love to you this day! 💕🌸💕

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    1. we have talked about sign language. I actually have a bit of knowledge of it because I use to teach music to babies, but for us, I think it just seems like to much work, maybe at a later date. I don’t think he will stick to it, but I have the que cards whenever he is ready to start. Thank you for that

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      1. This friend also had que cards. I know for a fact my hubby would not want to learn sign language. I’ve actually approached him about getting a hearing aid but he won’t even consider it. It’s very frustrating to live with someone whose hearing is impaired. My heart really does go out to you because I understand… I am walking your shoes. 💕

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  2. It is difficult, it is also frustrating for his friends because they can’t have a normal conversation. I can handle it though, it must be 10 times as hard on him as it is on me. I would not want to go deaf, although there are worse things.


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