“Free Calorie Counter and Healthy Eating Choices”

So here we are, all ready to start on a healthy eating life style for weight management.  Don’t consider this a two-week, one month or three-month diet.  This is a program you can use forever even once you get to your desired weight, you should still follow the guidelines of what to eat together for best weight management.  Once you have done this for a while, you will know when you have enough calories in your system without counting.  I find though, writing down what you eat everyday keep us honest.  It is so easy to forget that we had that banana earlier or piece of toast.

Your Free Calorie Counter  

If you are a person who exercises regularly you probably already have a fit bit  or something like it that will count your calories for you once you put in your data.  If you do exercise regularly you probably don’t need to learn about this program of healthy eating.

For those of you who do not have the high-tech calorie counters, there is a website that has an excellent calorie counter.  It is called…


There is a search bar at the top of the page for food.  Just type in whatever you want to find calories for.  It tells you the amount of fat, fibre, protein, total calories and more.  This site is amazing.  I’m sure there is a good app for calorie counting for your phone, ipad, computer as well.  I tried a couple of apps for my ipad but when I tried finding eggs on one I couldn’t even find the basic food staple.  I got tired of it real quick.  You can go ahead and try to find an easy one and let me know what it is when you find it.

First things first though,  write a list of foods and beverages that you eat the most.

  • Amt of Calories
  • Portion size (ie: 3 oz, 4 oz, 1 cup)
  • Meat
  • vegetables
  • fruit
  • other
  • beverage
  • calories
  • water

If you wish to add additional columns go ahead, such as fibre, protein, fat.  Once you do this it might start to feel technical and you might lose interest.  It is important information and once you have the list recorded somewhere, you will have it for life.

Now that you have a list of all your favourite, most commonly cooked foods, have a look at the amount of calories in them.  For your meat, you should be trying to buy lean meat now so the fat content and calories will be lower.

You will also make a list of some of the “I can’t live without foods.”  Write down the amount of calories, and fat content in each item.  Then you can choose which one is less damaging if you must have something!

I want to give you a quick example here of what a difference it makes to know the calories you are eating.

  • Pot roast dinner with carrots, onions, gravy, mashed potatoes, no bread.  Calorie count for one dinner like this can amount to 950 calories to 1400 calories depending on the amount of food contained within the plate.  For me, this would be my whole daily allowance for calories.  So…let’s have a look at a healthier choice for this meal.
  • Healthier choice:  Pot roast dinner – 3 oz of lean pot roast  180 calories
  •                                                                   any leafy green vegetable  20 calories  (lots)
  •                   if you must add gravy – only a tablespoon full              30 calories
  •                   if you must add potatoes take half as much as usual   80 calories  (1/2 cup)
  •                  if you must add more gravy to potatoes 1 tbls                30 calories
  •                   Add any other vegetable  1/2 cup – 1 cup               13 –   30 calories
  •                             Total for this meal is                                                370 calories

It is so easy to cut calories once you understand what they are.

Even better for the meal above cook rice instead of potatoes, but still only 1/2 cup.

Even better yet for the meal above, don’t have the potato at all (carbohydrates)  There are plenty of other vegetable you could have instead.

You see this program that I am following (my own tried and tested) prefers that you eat your proteins (meats) and fibres (green veggies, especially leafy but not excluded to)

This is the best combination for the fibrous vegetables to break down the proteins that you are eating.  It digests quickly and better.  That doesn’t mean you can never have carbohydrates.

If you are craving french fries – go ahead, have a small french fries, hold up on the gravy, cut back or none at all.  Have this even in-between a meal.  It digests better on its own.

Now that I’ve outlined a bit o supper details, here are some other choices for supper and lunch.  White meat is usually less fatty than red meats, red meats have more protein.  If you are going to cut out red meat, you might need to take iron pills.  Don’t become anemic.

Any 3 or 4 ounce serving of white meat or lean red meat is going to amount to under

  • 200 calories (probably closer to 150 calories)

Any serving of green vegetables 1/2 cup to 1 cup is going to amount to

  • 15 – 50 calories depending on which vegetable

You could have meat and vegetable 4 times a day and still stay under your allotted calories.           

In-between these meals you can add a banana (carbohydrate so eat it separately with nothing else.)  You could add any fruit.

If you have will-power and are not a junk food junky like I am, you can even add ice cream to your diet two or three times a week.  It is higher in fat but eat it alone and it will break down easier in your digestive system, say an hour or two before any other food or an hour or two before going to bed.

Any of these combinations below will be well under 300 calories, which gives you plenty of room for healthy snacks throughout the day.

  • So…Pick your protein (meat) tuna, salmon, chicken, turkey, lean beef etc.
  • then….Pick your fibre – green beans, spinach, asparagus, brocoli, etc.
  • then….if you wish add another green vegetable.
  • Save your carrots for a snack

Breakfast  #1

  • eggs and green beans – (this is my go to breakfast)
  • add slices of tomato (10 slices if you want)
  • add slices of cucumber

Breakfast #2

  • 1/2 cup or 3 oz of protein (white meat) such as tuna, chicken
  • leafy greens, other vegetable

Save your orange for a snack.

breakfast #3

  • Cereal – choose it wisely, read the label.  Choose the one with the least amount of fat and highest in fibre and protein – like All Bran  or Shreddies.
  • try skim milk for the cereal.
  • This meal can get up to 200 calories with more of them being from fat quickly.

Count your calories as you go, write down every time you eat and snack, because it is easy to forget.  It keeps you on track.


  • Always has been recommended up to 8  glasses of water.
  • work your way up to this if you are not used to it.  Don’t force it all right away.
  • start with 2 if that is all you can handle.


  • If you only have one cup of coffee or tea a day – go for it  Not many calories in that.
  • If you have more than that replace one or two of them with water.

Hint:  When you first get up in the morning, drink some water even if you are use having coffee first.  Then when you have downed a glass or even just a half glass at first (it’s a start) have your coffee.  Changing your daily habits makes it easier to start following something new.  When you go to grab a soda, or another coffee, force yourself to down a 1/2 glass of water first and of course with each meal.

                                                                 My Menu

My menu is very limited.  I am a very picky eater and like very little of anything other than junk food, but here it goes…

Breakfast and lunch

  •  2 scrambled eggs & green beans             water                     180
  • 2 scrambled eggs & green beans              water                     180


  • Chicken or turkey                                        water                    150
  • green beans, peas                                                                         25
  • sometimes carrots                                                                        30

Snacks throughout the day

  • orange                                                                                            90
  • banana                                                                                          100
  • 7 soda crackers                                                                              85 (higher in fat, salt)
  • extra turkey if I’m hungry                                                        150

Total calories                                                                                       990

I forgot to add my cups of tea with milk     4 of them                80

  • My New Total is                                                                         1070

Aside from the food above I also had 4 cups of tea.  I add quite a bit of milk so my tea ends up being 20 calories instead of 0.  It all adds up in a day to an additional 80 cal.

I still have plenty of room for something else – ice cream? not for me, I’ll go overboard.  How about some almonds?  Yes they are good for you.

When we break down our menu like this, it lets us see where we can cut back and where we can increase if we are hungry.

Some people weigh themselves every day.  I do this only once a week.  It is up to you but sometimes it does get frustrating when the needle doesn’t move every single day.

I am not a Nutritionist, Doctor, specialist of any kind.  This is what works for me, so long as I stick to it.

Thank you for checking this lifestyle out. Let me know if you are going to give it a try or if you have something that works for you.

You are always welcome to reblog my posts and your comments are most welcome.  If you wish to share your link in the comments below along with a comment explaining what your link is about, you may do so if you are following my blog.

Add exercise if you can.

Here’s to a healthy and happy 2018!

I’m Frazzled again.







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