If You Could be Granted One Wish

Wouldn’t it be awesome to be granted one wish?  What would you wish for?

Now let’s take impossible wishes out of the equation.  What would you wish for now?  Many people would choose one of three things…

  • world peace
  • win the lottery
  • bring back a loved one from the dead

I’m guessing that anyway.  It is just my opinion.  In reality there is only one of the above wishes that could come true, that is winning the lottery.  The odds are against you but it could happen, someday.  It would be nice to think world peace is possible but one organization offering a wish to be granted could not do this on their own, and we certainly can’t bring a loved one back from he dead.

So now, what would you wish for knowing that you could wish for anything that could possibly happen in  reality, including winning the lottery?

I am thinking about this because it was a question I was to answer on the Liebster Award nomination.  On that question I answered, I would want to be able to wave a magic wand for world peace.  Okay, so that isn’t really a possibility by any one organization.  The likelihood that every continent in the world would get together to obtain world peace is pretty unrealistic.   It is always lovely to wish for it though.  Never lose hope, right?

I don’t really buy lottery tickets unless I’ve had a dream about being lucky in money.  Then I buy one and have not been lucky.  Quite honestly, I do believe that the Government, at least in Canada, could eliminate poverty in every corner of Canada.  If they weren’t so greedy, they would have the power to eliminate poverty.  It is unlikely that it would happen, but it could.  So what is your wish?  Do you agree that the Government could eliminate poverty in Canada, or your Government in the U.S., or other countries?

I would choose eliminating poverty in one country over winning a million dollars.  At least I would like to think I would, but would I, really?  Who knows what I would decide if it came right down to it.  I mean everyone could use money, right?

What do you think?  Do you think my wish would be attainable if Government was forced to try to eliminate poverty?  Do you have a wish that could be reached?  Share Your ideas.

Stay Positive,

I’m Frazzled Again.

4 thoughts on “If You Could be Granted One Wish

Add yours

  1. The government could really eliminate poverty world wide. It’s 2018 and the world is evolving and modernising. Technology is becoming more advanced but yet people live on the streets? Where I live homeless Is increasing and yet my council spent 35 million a few years ago on a new building for themselves. When they could of invested it elsewhere. That’s just a local council! Money is power, money is the route of all evil. I don’t think it’s a bad wish to want to make the world a better place because it already should be!

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    1. Agreed! It makes me ill! Our city council wants a new building as well. No wonder there is an opiod crisis! Government wastes so much money and politicians get paid way too mich and have way too excellent pension plans.

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  2. It’s disgusting isn’t it! My boyfriend lost his job before Christmas so we’re back claiming again to get help with our rent. But they are so quick to send me letters with arrears etc and refuse people help when they get evicted. And yes like you say they have e excellent pensions and they probably be able to retire early! When retirement age goes up for us! You should stop the council from having a new building petition for it. They don’t bloody deserve it!

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  3. There is so much wrong with Government today. Politicians get charged with fraud, the charges get dropped, they sue the government and get even more money they don’t deserve. Oh my gosh, what is the answer. I’m walking away from a business this year. I’m fortunate to have a husband who is working, it is construction though and can end any time. It really sucks.


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