I almost lost my foot!


via Daily Prompt: Allergic

Years and years ago, back when I was three years old, I got stung by a bee on my foot.  I’m glad I don’t remember a lot of it, but as I have been told by my mother, my foot began to swell up and they rushed me to the hospital.  The Doctor told her it was a good thing she got me to the hospital when they did or I may have lost my foot.  I’m so glad I still have both feet!

Knowing that I am allergic to bees I freak out when one comes near me.  I don’t care if it is a bumble bee, queen bee, or wasp, I freak out.  I discovered they love whiskey!  Now I won’t have a drink on the deck in the summer time.  They love meat, so I don’t really like being on the deck for a barbecue.  That is a shame because we have a beautiful deck.  Those darn bees!  Can’t they just come around when I am inside?

It has been said that people sometimes grow out of allergies.  I haven’t been stung since that day and I hope I never have to find out whether or not I am still allergic to bees.  I will just continue to assume I am and keep my distance as best I can.

I also have an allergy to onion, or at least I think I do.  I can smell an onion being cut even when I am in another room.  Instant headache!  Some perfumes affect me that way as well.  I can’t wear perfumes and I try to keep my distance from people who are wearing strong cologne and perfumes.  My throat dries up, feels like it is closing and instant headache.  I have never had antihistamine with me so I have to stop whatever I am doing and run outside to get fresh air.  It really sucks when you are stuck sitting beside someone who is wearing strong perfume.  I literally have to get up and move.  If there is nowhere else to sit, I have to leave.  It doesn’t matter how much I have paid for a seat.  I think it could be a matter of life and death.  It certainly feels that way.

So why don’t I carry antihistamine?  I’m not sure.  I guess I don’t go out enough to think about carrying it with me.  Even if I had it with me, would I continue to sit beside a person wearing the perfume that I am allergic to even after taking the antihistamine?  I really dislike taking medication.

My husband has to use bath soap that is mildly scented or perfume free.  He doesn’t have a choice if he wants to sleep in the same bed.  When he wants onions with his dinner he cuts them outside, puts a lid on them and then brings them in to cook.  I go in to another room and shut the door until the onions are cooked.  Once onions are cooked they do not affect me.  Also milder green onions are not as bad as the big white ones.  It is difficult to go anywhere for dinner since most people cook with onions.  It is especially difficult if they put raw, white, chopped onions on the table.  I do have to move them away from me as far as I can, then go take a Tylenol for a headache secretly so I don’t offend the host too much.

Sometimes I wonder how I ever survived this long in life, lol!  Oh, woe is me.

I’m Frazzled Again.

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