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I just read a post inquiring about the meaning of a dream.  I have two dream books at home.  One I love and one I can’t figure out heads or tails.  I thought I would write a post to let you know, if you would like to put a brief description about your dream in the comments, I will look it up as best I can and reply.  I am certainly not a dream expert.  I like to look up certain ones that were upsetting, embarrassing, lucky.  Just because you dream you won the lottery or you murdered someone, doesn’t mean that is what is going to happen.

It is fun to look things up and figure out over the next few days, whether or not the dream book was correct.  For me, the dream book meaning does pan out once in a while.  I don’t prepare my day around it.

I take it with a grain of salt and consider it a form of entertainment.  If you do want to leave a comment about your dream, please do so and realize that I will only be replying by what is written in the book, The Dreamer’s Dictionary.  Please follow my blog if you want me to look up your dream and reply to you about it.  You might just want to look up the meaning yourself since there are online dream dictionaries available.

One website is  This dream dictionary is free, you can read in the forum the meanings of dreams that people have asked about.  You do have to register if you want to comment about your own dream to find the meaning.  They are all just guidelines so you can assess the dream yourself, according to your current life situation.

Another site is    This one appears to be free.

Things to consider when looking up the meaning of a dream are…cont’d…

  • did you dream in colour?
  • what color?
  • food – was it fresh or spoiled?
  • was there plenty of food or did you run out
  • celebrating
  • singing & music
  • enjoyable
  • nightmare
  • characters
  • animals
  • mammals
  • action
  • driving
  • walking
  • crash
  • bang
  • explosion

Any of these descriptions makes a difference in the meaning.  try to remember as much as you can and take in to consideration your current lifestyle.  If you are dreaming about remodelling your home, are you in fact remodelling your home?

So…have a little fun with it and at the very least let it be entertaining for you.  Don’t take it too seriously.

Sweet Dreams,

I’m Frazzled Again.

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    1. I have read that post (not sure when) I read the poem about dreams as well and commented. I diddn’t remember until I clicked on your link and went over it again. I enjoyed it very much. I think the important thing to remember is not to let our dreams control us. Thank you for commenting!

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