How to begin Positive Thinking Week 2

Hello bloggers!  I have just started blogging about an easy step by step method of learning how to successfully start thinking positive.  This is the second post about it so if you haven’t read the first one, here is the link

This week I am going to expand on things to tell yourself.  I guess this is a form of meditation, except you are talking out loud when you are by yourself, convincing yourself the positive thoughts you are saying.  You really have to believe what you are saying or there isn’t much point.

So we started with telling yourself, you are a good person, you deserve to be treated with respect.  Say this when you first wake up in the morning, during the day, etc.

Let’s expand on some positive thinking phrases.  What is it that makes you anxious?  Do you walk in to a room and feel like everyone is staring at you?  Do you think they think you are weird, ugly, strange?  Try to pinpoint your thoughts when you walk in to a room and are filled with anxiety.  Are you afraid you will fall?  Whatever it is you are afraid of, write this down on paper, or on your computer.  Read it, then rephrase what you are thinking.

Instead of convincing yourself that people think you are ugly or whatever the case may be, (because you already believe that)  work on convincing yourself that people are looking at you because you look good.  “Of course they are looking at me!  I’m dressed in nice clothes, I look good, I am confident.”  Note here:  If you say you look great or beautiful, it may be harder to believe, just start with, “I look good.  Why wouldn’t they look at me? I have confidence.  I look as good as anyone else in this room, or…even better than some.  I feel good about myself and it shows.”

Write these phrases down.  Stand in front of a mirror as you have before.  Read each sentence, look in the mirror, read the sentence again, then say it from your heart.  Believe it.  Hug yourself while saying it, or touch your heart while saying it, believe it.

If walking in to a room is not what your anxiety is, what is it?  How can you rephrase what you are thinking?  Write it down.  If you can’t think of anything you can always comment on what your most anxious issue is below.  I can try to help you rephrase it.  It does not work in one day.  It took years of practise and believing that you are not worthy, it will take a long time before you totally believe the opposite.  Remember the negative has always been what you have believed.

Once you have said the positive phrases a few times, if you can, go lie down and repeat.  I know it is not always possible to do this, especially when you have kids to look after, so do it when you can, even just in the bathroom, when waking up in the morning, when going to sleep at night.  Eventually you memorize those phrases and down the road you start to believe them.  Eventually you will think those thoughts instead of the negative without even realizing it.  Eventually you won’t even think about being anxious walking in to a room, (or whatever your issue is.)

If you have time, when you have time, write the phrases down, over and over with a pen and paper, not a computer.  The more you write, the more you believe, the more you remember.  Your thoughts are a habit that can be changed.

Now you have a few things to tell yourself, convince yourself everyday, many times a day.  Smile while you are saying it.  Picture yourself smiling.  When you smile, the world smiles back at you.

  • I am a good person
  • I deserve to be treated with respect
  • I look good
  • people like me
  • I am confident
  • people are looking at me because I am confident, because I look good
  • people are looking at me because I stand out, because I am different, in a good way
  • I am different, I like being different, other people like me being different
  • I love me and I am happy with me.

What else do you want to tell yourself?  What phrases will help you believe in yourself?  Use any of these phrases if they are a good fit for you.  If they are not, write down your own phrases.  Start with just a few phrases until you memorize them, pick out your favourites, add to them.

I’ve been doing this for about 15 years, day in, day out.  Not so much anymore because now I believe what I have been telling myself.  It helps if you are around positive people who help you feel that way too.  Being around negative people makes it very difficult to start thinking positive.

Give it a try, or if you have already, continue building on your phrases, your positive thoughts.  Until next Sunday, think positive.

I’m Frazzled Again.

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