He is such a lonely man


via Daily Prompt: Forlorn

My nephew is so much like I am, except he doesn’t have real anxiety issues.  He is so forlorn.  He doesn’t have a friend that he sees regularly.  He had one friend who was his younger brother.  Tragically, he got killed, so now he has no one.  I know being forlorn is not always being depressed, but in this case it is.

He is a loner much like I am, although I don’t think it is by choice for him.  He would love to have a girlfriend and other friends to hang out with.  Truth is he doesn’t know how to be social in a way people would enjoy his company.  His relationships don’t last.  He quite often quits his job.  He has no energy, or should I say enthusiasm, to do anything.  He is so much like me it scares me.

I’ll call him Bobby.  Bobby will not admit that he is depressed.  I talked him in to going to a Doctor once.  The Doctor tells him he is fine.  I wonder just how much he told his Doctor.  Not much I am sure.  He can lay in bed all day, not think anything of it.

It is such a shame because he is a very nice guy.  He’s handsome too.  He can sing and play guitar, but he has no one that will go with him to support him.  He can’t get a following because he doesn’t know how to be pleasant.  He either brags about his talents, or he is negative towards everything else.

Unfortunately, I don’t live close by and can’t be there to support him and build up his confidence.  Fortunately for me, I got help for my depression.  I also have anxiety and I am so glad he doesn’t have that on top of depression.  He doesn’t have any issue with getting up in front of an audience.  People like his performance but don’t associate with him after because he is just too damn negative.  He still lives with his mother who is also in a state of depression and can’t get out of it since her son was killed.

Wouldn’t it be great if we could help everyone that is in a rut, on the road to nowhere?  We can’t help those who do not want to help themselves.  I hope that someday he will see a documentary on mental illness and realize he has issues.  He is currently working.  I hope it lasts for his sake.  I hope he finds someone to be in a relationship with or find a friend he can talk to and get along with.

If we see someone who looks forlorn, maybe we could take a second to say hello.

I’m Frazzled Again.

photo by pixabay.com

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