Brilliant Blogs – Thank You Friends

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Brilliant, for some people would bring to mind, bright lights, glitter, all that is bright.  For me, brilliant is the way some posts are written, and great ideas.  Some of the posts I have read probably deserve better than one word for a comment but sometimes that is what hits me.  Brilliant!  Some are more brilliant than others!

Those are usually the posts that I will reblog.  I have noticed many bloggers constantly reblog other bloggers posts.  In the beginning I couldn’t understand why.  I still don’t know why that is all some bloggers do.  I go to their blog and can’t find anything they have written themselves or it takes a long time to find their original material.  I assume it is to get more hits to their page, which is okay, to each their own.  Maybe some bloggers find 10 posts a day by other bloggers that they find interesting and feel they should be shared.  Sometimes when I read a post, it hits home.  A blogger has said something in such an amazing way that I wish I had said it myself, and since I don’t write like that I reblog it, because I feel it is something most of my followers would want to read.

The thing I have learned most about blogging, besides making me feel good when I know someone has read it, is that everyone has their own reason for blogging.  I had no idea I would write at least one post a day.  My plan was to get on here and rant about things that piss me off…like Trump and such.  My reason for blogging has changed so much.  I find myself wanting to share stories of what I endured as a child, how I have learned to think positive, and write things that are inspiring for others.  What a difference!  It really helps me feel good about myself, when I might otherwise be feeling doom and gloom.

When I discover a new blog, I read as many of their posts as I can before I decide to follow their blog.  I follow 190 blogs and am finding it difficult to keep it all straight.  “Oh darn, which blogger wrote the post about…?”   I try to comment and respond to comments and it is so inspiring to interact with other bloggers.  On my Facebook page of nine years, I have 108 friends, most of which are actually family.  No one wants to hear my woes, or about my depression or a bad sales day, etc.  No one responds to those status posts.  That is why I started the blog.  In under two months of a lot of reading, posting and commenting I have over 120 followers who do want to read what I have to say.  I can’t share this blog with my Facebook page because this is somewhat anonymous.  I would never put on Facebook what I write on here.  I am so thankful for the blogging community.  I feel like I have made friends, even if it is only online.  The comments hit deeper than any I have ever had on Facebook.

So, thank you bloggers for sharing your posts, reading mine, commenting, following and for just being here.

I’m Frazzled Again.

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