Diapers Undulating in the wind


via Daily Prompt: Undulate

Many years ago, my mother use to hang clothes on the line.  She loved to smell the freshness.  When my youngest brother was born, my mom just couldn’t wait to wash the cloth diapers and hang them out on the line.  She loved to watch as they undulated in the wind.  Then once they were dry she would bring them in and brag about how fresh they smelled.

How many of you have a clothes line in your yard today?  We have one.  I don’t use it but my husband does.  He likes to hang towels and blankets and his work clothes on the line.  I like my towels soft, so I usually do the laundry and put the towels in the dryer!  I have to use unscented soaps and unscented dryer sheets because otherwise my throat dries out, which is very painful.

It is always fun to think about things of yesterday.  My mom is 84 years old and is getting dementia.  She is now starting to hear children in her apartment and thinks she has to get up and cook for them.  She is so far away, I can’t help her.  It is a big worry.  I am glad I have a sister there that helps mom through some of her difficult times.  Still the guilt is laid on me by my sister and my mother.  From time to time, when I am talking on the phone with mom, she will reminisce about the days she use to hang diapers on the line.

Isn’t it interesting, how different things mean so much to some people and nothing to others?  Just like our precious heirlooms and photos.  Do you know that Fine China Dishes and dining room hutches and cabinets are no longer in demand?  The young couples of today have little interest in collecting them.  Of course there are a few who are interested, but not many.  I love them.  It represents such a different time.

Speaking of mom, I better give her a call today.  Until next time,

I’m Frazzled Again.

3 thoughts on “Diapers Undulating in the wind

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  1. Yes, she does know that, my sister knows too. Iw as home last year for a two week visit and I helped her with a bunch of stuff. It’s almost like they think I should just pack everything up and move home. Thank you Barb.


  2. Yes, it is very hard to care for parents long distance. I lived far from my family and there is a lot of guilt associated with not being there in their declining years, not from them, it is something I put on myself! I loved your discussion of the clothes line. I grew up with the clothes line and I use one now..well not now winter, but in the spring through to fall!

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