We Deserve Better from our Government

Good morning folks!  I guess this post is a bit of a rant but for good reason.  Let me start with this.  A friend of mine has been diagnosed with Cancer and has to undergo chemo and radiation.  The cost of the chemo treatment is covered but the cost of the medication to go with it, is not.  The cost per treatment is $250. every two weeks, I believe.  This is why this rant is being written.

First off, I live in Canada.  Every country has their own medical system, good or bad.  We pay a yearly premium so that our Doctor visits are covered.  Medications are not covered unless we are on an individual plan, either paid for by us or by our employer.

This friend is on sick benefits now because of the Cancer.  His wife has been on disability for years.  Why would the life saving medication not be covered by health care?  They have to find someone, a friend, or family member to help them pay for these meds.

How is it that, Politicians can claim expensive meals and trips for business, get reimbursed for anything related to business when the meals, hotels, flights could have been provided at half the cost?  Why are they permitted to go to the most expensive places on our dime and in return we cannot even have life saving medications paid for?

That is just the beginning.  Their income and paid expenses come from us, yet we can’t get life essentials paid for by the money they have collected from us.  We know they have a lot of money, because we see it thrown away daily.  We pay for big Corporations getting bailed out, just so the CEO’s can get big pay hikes and then the company moves to another country and our country’s jobs are lost.

Mental Health, Child Care, Victims Assistance, Medical Services, Veterans to name a few are barely able to exist on their income while Politicians are living well above necessary means.

Now this next part you may agree on, or disagree.  Don’t take this wrong, I certainly believe that Drug Addicts, Refugees, etc. should be helped.  However, the idea of feeding the Addicts the drug that is killing them for the rest of their lives is beyond me.  Why would the Government provide the illegal drug for them, free of charge instead of dealing with the actual crisis.  Would it not be better if the Addicts were hospitalized to get them off the drug.  Surely this would not be as expensive as having EMT’s constantly called out to save someone from an overdose just to put them back on the street, supplying them with the illegal drug so the EMT’s will have to be called again, maybe even as soon as the next day.  Now Health Services have to supply people with an overdose kit as well.  Okay Government, time to get back to handing out money where it is needed.  In the Health Care System.  This is why there is so much crisis where Mental Illness is concerned as well.  Drug Addiction is certainly a form of Mental Illness, where as they need help to kick it, or they are Drug Addicts because of their illness and don’t get help.

Mental Illness is such a big issue.  People can’t get the help they need.  There are not enough Doctors, Psychiatrists available to help them.  When they need to be hospitalized, they can’t be kept long enough to get better.

Victim’s assistance is another big issue.  You have to qualify for assistance.  (I learned this from another blogger.)  If you don’t qualify you are screwed.  Left to your own defenses.  This means people are likely to stay in a harmful relationship because they can’t make it on their own.  Even if people are working and have an income, they still need help to escape their every day hell.

Veterans having to fight for their pensions.  It is just not right!

Children are not able to speak up for themselves and get out of abusive situations.  If they do, where can they go?  They can’t just run away, they will have to live on the streets.  Oh wait a minute, yes that is what they do, isn’t it?  If the children are taken out of their home because of abusive parents, they are eventually returned to worse abuse.  Then as we have seen in the news, they move out of the Province, or Country and then end up dying because the parents won’t give them the care they need.

Last but certainly not least…I have no medical plan.  I am currently not working.  My husband is and is supporting both of us right now.  If I get cancer, or he gets cancer,  we would have a hard time paying for treatments.  Almost impossible if it is him that gets cancer.  Cancer is so common these days, I am tempted to believe that I am going to get it someday, I just don’t know when.  I don’t want to think that way, but damn it, there are so many people getting it.  I’m not sure if I would even go through treatments if they were not covered by the Health Care System.  That would create so much stress on my husband.  We would probably have to sell our home and I don’t even want to think about that.  Why should anyone have to worry about a roof over their head, medications, food, while the Politicians are living the high life, that everyday broken people are paying for?

All Governments in all Countries seem to be out of touch with everyday people.  Do you agree?  Do you think there will ever be anyone that will run a Country with greater respect for us everyday people?  I know I have ranted about some of these topics before but things just keep getting worse in the world.  Is there anything we can do to fix this?  While Trump is busy arguing about who has the best nuclear button, the rest of America worries if there is going to be World War III.


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  1. Hi! Sorry to hear about your friend. Being sick and not having the money to keep yourself alive is a situation no one should ever have to face.

    I live in the United States and there are so many things wrong with our healthcare system. We are forced to buy crappy health insurance that costs a fortune but provides little benefits. Finding a good doctor is also a mission in itself.

    As far as government goes, I agree with everything you said. The people in these positions have absolutely no clue what the normal everyday person needs. It seems to be a hopeless situation for us all.

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