Nine ways to cope with rejection

Okay cat blogging lovers! This you have to read, see! It will cheer you up immensly, you will laugh! Promise.

The Cat's Write

Rejection from agents and publishers that is, not from that guy you’ve had a crush on for years. Although, while we’re on that topic, if you’re looking for advice on how to cope with unrequited love, public humiliations and silent stalemates, I’m your girl!

But let’s put all that aside, because today, it’s all about the query.

That query.

The one you sent three months ago.

You’ve just received an email, heard the delectable ‘ping’ of its arrival. Your heart is racing, your breathing is hitched and your hands are sweating. Even though it’s been forever since you submitted a query, your spidey sense is tingling and you know exactly who the email is from.

Dear You,

Thank you for sending your query and first pages. Unfortunately, I’m afraid I wasn’t captivated enough to ask to see more material. But it’s a subjective business and I hope another agent will be interested. 

Thank you again for sending your…

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One thought on “Nine ways to cope with rejection

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  1. Great post! As a writer, I’ve received TONS of rejections, but I’ve developed a thick skin, especially because I’ve had a few acceptances, which makes it all worth it. I loved the cats!

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