How to get rid of Hair Full of Static

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I remember years ago, going to the Science Centre in Toronto and touching that big ball to make my hair stand up on its ends from static electricityHuffington Post wrote an article about Static in Hair saying, “With temperatures dropping at a rapid pace, science kicks in. Electrons, which are negatively charged, fly off your hair, leaving your locks with positive charges that resist each other — thus, static.”

Ways to combat the static from year hair is to put water on a brush or comb (apparently not a plastic comb) and run it through your hair.  I have quite often used dryer bounce sheets (unscented only, for me) to eliminate static.

The Huffington Post mentioned an Ionic Hair Dryer.  I don’t even know what that means but apparently it dries your hair without removing the moisture.  They mentioned hair conditioners that can reduce static, some which have chemicals in them I’d rather not use.

The easiest way is to have a pump bottle full of water and spritz your hair when needed, or putting water on a comb as mentioned above or dryer sheets.

Have a great hair day!

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  1. not sure about spraying with water as my hair would frizz up. maybe I’ll try wetting my hands. I was having trouble with static hair the other week, my hair is long and it kept going straight across my face, it was so irritating. Thanks for sharing


  2. I have long hair as well, I use the dryer sheets. I use unscented because I am sensitive to perfumes etc. But they don’t have to be, just rub it a bit on the top layer of your hair. It’s easy to fold up one of those sheets and put it in your wallet or purse. Maybe try a damp cloth and lightly rub rather than spraying water too. Let me know what works for you. Thanks for commenting.


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