How You Know When Positive Thinking Is Working For You. POSITIVE THINKING week 3

It is amazing how good you are going to feel when you let go of all the crap you have believed for so many years! For so long, when someone told you something bad or negative about yourself, you believed it. When someone paid you a compliment, you didn’t take them seriously, think they meant it, you didn’t believe them.

One day you discovered a way to change your way of thinking. You decided that you were not going to listen to anymore negative thoughts coming from anyone, including yourself. You finally realized that you deserve better, to be treated with respect and separate yourself as best you can from those negative influences in your life.

Finally, someone told you about a book, or self-help program, or you watched a documentary or movie that explained how you can change the way you feel about yourself. For once, you decided you would give it a try.

Frist thing you understood is that change does not happen overnight. You have been told negative crap for many, many years, it will take some time to turn it around, but you are ready! You know you deserve better, you know you are better. It’s time to change your life for the better.  You will know it’s working when you suddenly do something without thinking about it, when before you would have been totally anxious about it.  One day you will do something and then think, “Wow!  I would never have done that before without getting totally anxious!”  That is when you know, it is working!

I have written other posts on the subject of positive thinking. You can check them out here…

I am not a therapist, psychologist or a counsellor, or Doctor. My posts are only about my own journey to heal myself. I know what works for me, you can give it a try or you can find other ways. There are so many books, documentaries that can help you get started.

Today, I am adding to the suggestions I have made in previous weekly posts.  So what better way to start believing in yourself than to her your own voice tell you so.  All of those positive things that you have been writing down, memorizing, telling yourself is about to sink in.  Record yourself, kind of self-meditation, or self-hypnosis tape.  Tell yourself in your own voice, your own words these positive things that you want to believe, that you do believe to be true.  On this tape you can start by telling yourself to relax, if you have a happy place, imagine that you are there, feeling safe.  Tell yourself all of these positive thoughts that you have been practising for a couple of weeks now.  You might drift off to sleep while you are listening to it.  You can accompany it with soft music if you like.  Do whatever you have to do to get comfortable, then run the tape.  If it finishes and you feel like listening to it again, then do it.  You can make the tape 20 min. long or 30 depending on how much positive thinking you want to pour into your brain.  At the end of the tape, wind it up by saying when you are done relaxing you will wake up feeling refreshed and ready to a new start.  You can play this tape morning and night if you want to.

If anyone is actually trying any of the ideas that I have written, let me know.  Also let me know what you think.  Or…maybe you have another way of self-hypnosis that works for you.  What works for you?  Share it here in the comments if you like. or make a comment here and add a link to your post.

Have a relaxing evening,

I’m Frazzled Again.

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6 thoughts on “How You Know When Positive Thinking Is Working For You. POSITIVE THINKING week 3

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    1. I started with tapes of Lucinda Bassett, then I began writing my own positive affirmations, saying them to myself, the. Recording my own voice. It works great for me. I did it for about 15 years almost daily, I rarely need to do it anymore. Now I am going to do it for eating healthy and exercise. Self-hypnosis in a way.

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  1. I’ve been trying to be more positive but as your post says it can be very hard. I start well then get annoyed with someone and start being negative. Before I know I’m being negative about every thing including myself. After reading your post I shall make a bigger effort to think positively tomorrow.


  2. It really does take practise, then you start catching yourself. I have wridyten a few posts about positive thinking, how to practise it. I’m not a therapist in any way but it works for me. The whole thing is, you start small. Your positive thoughts have to be believable.


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