Weight Loss – End of Week Two

It is funny how words can play with your mind.  I was going to give this post the title of “Weight Loss – Week three” but when it comes right down to it, If I say I have lost four pounds in two weeks, that sounds okay, if instead I say, “Weight Loss – Week Three, I have lost four pounds,” it doesn’t sound quite as good.  It sounds like it took me three weeks to lose four pounds when it actually only took me two weeks.

Yes, I lost another two pounds, so that is four pounds in two weeks.  I started out really good at the beginning of the second week.  I was up to 6 bottles of water a day, eating more protein and fibre, less carbohydrates, but then, life happened.  I got busy.  The last two days I have had French fries for supper, nothing else.  I did not drink any water.  Last night when I couldn’t sleep I munched on some cookies my husband had “hidden” in plain sight.  I opened the cupboard door looking for something to munch on at 1 am and there they were.  It was so easy, just to reach in and grab them.  He’s usually much better at keeping that stuff out of my sight.  He either keeps them in his vehicle or downstairs in his office.  I will have to give him a reminder to keep them away from me because, as I have said before, I have no will power.  Also the fact that I lost two pounds the first week without even trying, other than drinking water and a few less carbs, I got over-confident in my weight loss.

I have not yet started exercising.  I must start that this week and today I am back into drinking water and no French fries this week.  I must start using my own advice for positive thinking as well and start telling myself I don’t need the junk food, that I want to eat healthy and exercise.  Yes tonight I will totally meditate and start doing that every night to convince myself I don’t need the junk food.

Diet is what you eat, not how you eat.  It is either healthy, or not.  This week was a lesson to practise what I preach.  Meditate, exercise, drink water and stay away from carbs and sugar.

Better luck next week.  It isn’t luck though is it?  It is my own way of thinking.  Habits are hard to break, but this week I am breaking the junk food cycle.  I’ll check in next week.

I’m Frazzled Again.

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  1. Protein shakes helped me A LOT when I was trying to get healthy. Not sure if it’s something you already use but if not, could be something to look into. And, you’re doing great! 4 pounds in two weeks is good. Creating lasting change does take time.

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    1. Yes that is right, I did not gain weight overnight so it isn’t going to come off overnight. I’m trying to use just regular food instead of buying unnecessary, expensive items. I have in previous years tried them. They do work but if I have a chocolate flavoured or flavoured anything, I want more of the flavour and they really don’t fill me. Thank you for responding. I’m doing okay but if I don’t stay away from the carbs, I’m going to end up plateauing really quickly!


  2. Oh, absolutely not. Everyone has their own ways of what works for them, it’s always good to share those ideas. We never know who is going to come up with the right idea that will work for us. Thank you so much for your input!


  3. Keep going. I was doing well on mine then last week I went out to dinner and had a very unhealthy pudding. I started by saying I wasn’t but the second I was given the desert menu I order one! I’ve been trying to drink more water. I think it was you was told me to, shame it doesn’t taste as good as wine. Hope you have a better week this week.


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