I’d like to think I’m the Dominant one, but…


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When I think about my home life with hubby, I would like to think that I am the dominant one.  He lets me believe this most of the time.  If I want to buy something new for the house, I get to pick the colour, usually the style and size.  If we need food at the grocery store, I let him be the dominant one, even to the extent that he has to be the one to go to the grocery store.  Who is the dominant one here?  Is it me because I insist he goes to the grocery store, or is it hubby because he gets to do the grocery shopping and choose the meals for the next week?

I am the dominant one when it comes to picking the colour for new flooring, the walls, the car.  I’m even the dominant one decides how it is going to be installed and when.  When it comes to his kids, my step-children, he is the dominant one.  I do not even try to interfere with decisions made around them.  They are adults and live in a different province, so my husband will decide if and when he goes to see them.  When they come to visit us, my husband is the dominant one who decides what events will be scheduled, the meals, most of the time and where everyone will sleep.

Hubby is the dominant one at work, because he is the boss.  That is good enough for him.  He doesn’t mind that I am a control freak, but in reality, he will put his foot down if I am out of line.  I think he just lets me think I am the one in control, when really he is the backbone of our household.

It is amazing our strong our marriage is.  Honestly we just do our own thing and we are both okay with it.  I mean, we don’t ever do anything that would upset the other, if there are trips happening or events we certainly tell each other what is coming up but it’s not like we have to ask permission.  We do double-check to make sure nothing else is already scheduled, otherwise we just do what we want, within reason.

There are so many different variations of how we think about the word dominant.  One side of our body is more dominant than the other.  My dominant side is my left side.  It all comes down to which one is more powerful, stronger or influential.

To sum it all up I would honestly have to say that neither one of us are the dominant one.  We are equal on all accounts.  We like it that way.  We respect each other, and each other’s opinions.  How about you?  Are you in a 50/50 relationship or is one more dominant?  Who makes the decisions in your household? Till next time,

I’m Frazzled Again.

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    1. That’s great! So many couples have a dominant person that almost seems abusive sometimes, especially if there is one person only working outside of the home. I have a friend whose husband thinks the money is all his and doesnt consider the housekeeping and cooking as work I guess.

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