My Dream Book was right about last night’s dream

I have been really slacking off in the blogging world this past week, but I am definitely compelled to write today.

Last night in one of my dreams, there was a casket being carried out the door.  I can’t remember the rest of the dream.

Here is what the dream book says about a casket;

Sadness (but not grief) may be expected following a dream of a casket containing a body, but a dream of contrary indicating good luck if the body was your own.  Unfortunately for me the casket was carrying a body, but not my own.

In one of my other dreams last night was a hearse.  Oddly enough it was at a car sales lot.  I don’t know if that has any further meaning but…

Here is what the dream book says about a hearse;

If you only saw the hearse in your dream, it predicts a lightening of your burdens.  If you were inside the hearse it has a totally different meaning.  I only saw the hearse in my dream.

So…..About an hour ago my husband got a text from his ex-employee, whom he has remained in steady contact with except in the last two years.  He moved away about 10 years ago and every other Christmas we would see him and his wife and kids when they came in to town.  Previously, about one year ago, my hubby got a text from his ex-employees wife suggesting he should give him a call.  That was all the text said and my husband is not one to pry.  When my husband told me about the text a year ago, I said, “Oh my gosh, he probably has cancer!”  My husband, I believe was too worried to find out I was right and said that his friend would call him when he wanted to talk.  Neither of these two guys like to pry, ask questions or want anyone to feel sorry for them if something happens.

So…back to the text he got today.

“Hey Boss,  I’d love to be sitting on your deck having a cold beer with you, but I have been laying in this hospital bed for two years.”

That was it.  I told my husband he should go seem him, whether his friend wanted him to or not.  I asked him to text his friend for the address and phone # of the hospital.  His friend texted back (actually I think it was his wife who texted but it was his number) and said, that it was okay, he didn’t need to come, he would see him after surgery when he would be better company.  At this point we still didn’t know it was cancer so I called his wife and told her that my hubby was headed out the door for a visit  She confirmed that this was the third time having cancer in two years and this time it is going to the pelvic area.  Previously it was colon cancer.  My husband asked her if she thought he would be mad if he showed up at the hospital.  She quickly said, “No, he would love that!”

So off my husband went.  He’s on his way to visit his friend.  I’ve been around enough people with cancer to know, some make it and some don’t.  I told him if he didn’t go, he may never see him again.  He may not even come out of the surgery.  Now I just have to sit and wait to find out how everything turns out.  This is such sad news.  No one deserves to go through this crap.  He was healthy, strong as a bull, such a hard worker.  They became very good friends.

As for the dream book…I don’t know the meaning of the hearse yet, but definitely the body in the casket meaning sadness, but not grief.  He wasn’t a real close friend of mine but I knew him well enough and his wife.  This makes me very sad.  It is even more sad for my husband.  This is one death two days ago and now this.  I also have a friend that I heard from this morning about another friend we both have.  He is going through chemo treatments and is having a hard time with skin coming off and in a lot of pain.  Gosh Cancer is such a horrible disease.

You can look up the meanings of your dream online. Just type in “The dreamer’s dictionary” or something similar.  Some are free and some arent’.  I don’t live by my dream book, but I usually look up odd dreams and wait to see if the prophecy comes forward.  It doesn’t always happen the way it predicts, but there are times, like today, that it really hits home.

Sweet dreams everyone!  Thank you for listening.

I’m Frazzled Again.


10 thoughts on “My Dream Book was right about last night’s dream

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  1. Thank you, Shelley, my husband is not one for hanging around hospitals. He drove all the eay there and stayed for two hours. His friend has to have surgery and might not make it out of the operating room. He is only 51 and he already has a colostomy bag, cancer for the third time. It is awful. Thank you. I feel the love.


    1. It is so hard on each person in a situation like this, our ways of coping or facing don’t always match up with each other. Way too young, very unfair, and sad, so sorry. I wish you all peace, comfort, and strength. xx

      Liked by 1 person

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