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I don’t mean to tell anyone how to raise their children but, my gosh, these days, children have to follow such massive schedules.  I visit the grandchildren and they have a list a mile long of what they have to do this week, next week, every week.

Do you think children feel the stress of having to do so many things, that there is no time for actual play?  I know as a child, I felt stress just having to attend a parent / teacher meeting.  I guess like adults, some children probably like to keep busy.  I have a granddaughter who has to get up at 5 am to be on the ice for 6 am to practise ringette.  I suppose she could quit going if she wanted to, I think, but still, that’s crazy!  After school, there is home work, possibly chores and so on.  I suppose this gives a child discipline.  It would absolutely drive me crazy as a child and as an adult.  What is the alternative anyway.  These days, if they weren’t kept busy with all these extra curricular activities, they would most likely be on their phones or tablets.

My granddaughter loves her ringette, so who am I to say she shouldn’t have to get up at 5 am for practise?  Some kids have music lessons on top of the sports outings.  How do parents keep up with such schedules, especially when they have more than one child?  I never had children so I wouldn’t know, but I do know I would not be able to go to game practises three or four times a week.

I say simplify the child’s life a little.  I guess I would never have made a good parent for a child who wanted to become a professional athlete, that would take a lot of committment for parents and children.  That is hard work.  To all those athletes getting ready for the olympics, good luck and try to have a little fun while you are there.

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  1. Yes, you are right. I forgot about that. With my grandchildren, the whole family goes. From what I have seen they have never carpooled. They have three kids. Theya re always busy. I guess it will keep them young. And both parents work fulltime. At least they are spending time with their kids.


  2. Even maintaining an A average throughout school, growing up I had a lot of time to play outdoors. Kids today don’t know what they are missing! I was also very involved with a synchronized swimming team which my Mother did have to drive me to during the cold months but during the warm, I rode my bike. I agree with you that these kids today are just bogged down with responsibilities. When do they get to be KIDS????

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    1. Thank you for responding, yes I wonder the same thing. When they are not doing team activities, theya re playing video games or texting. I’ve said this before, they are all going to have arthritis in their thumbs ten years from now. I think I will right a post about that. It keeps coming up in my mind.

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      1. Not only arthritis, but as my hair stylist pointed out, neck issues. Bending their necks all the time over a phone or tablet and looking down will lead to a lot of trouble down the road. When I have a lot of comments to answer, I use Google Speech a lot to avoid using my hands. I’ll look forward to that post!!

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  3. I totally catch your drift. Kids should be kids. Yes, they should learn about life, but they should also have the ability to play. They might not have such opportunities later in life. Work, family, debt, etc.
    However, I sometimes hope that my parents pushed me into some routine extracurricular activities. Maybe I would develop a passion that would then turn into a profession? So that’s great that your granddaughter likes it.
    And I totally hear you on the fact that if there is nothing to do, the kids are on their phones, which isn’t the best of things.
    So I guess finding the right balance, like in anything else, is the vital part.

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      1. I often see parents resenting (maybe on a subconscious level) their kids for not having as many obligations as they do, so they plague them with various chores to make the kids see how busy they are. But I agree with you. Kids need to be kids. Otherwise, they become too jaded too quickly.

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