Healthy Eating Lifestyle – week #6

Oh my gosh, if I never get to lose another pound, I’ll scream.  Okay, so I have lost one whole pound in the last two weeks.  Still, I cannot beat myself up over that because, I know that muscle weighs more than fat and I have been working out.

This past week, I have done the cardio workout with Latin dance exercise, at home, three times!!!  This is at the beginner level, I think I am ready to step it up to the next level.  At least, I hope I am ready.

I have a total trainer, which is the cheapy version of the total one gym.  I’ve had this thing for about 20 years.  I absolutely love it.  It does have low mileage.  I go hard for a few months, then stop.  I started using it again last week.  Three times I did the strength training on it.

So…even though I only lost one pound, I feel like I lost a complete size.  My stomach is getting a bit smaller, my clothes are fitting better.  I still have not managed to up my intake of water, that is a biggy.  I still chow down on junk food if it is in the house.  This week the hubby brought home hickory sticks!!! What?!!!  Stop it already!  He’s not being helpful and I have no will power.  It must stay out of the house.  He can bring so many different flavours home that I won’t eat.  In reality though, I guess I can’t blame him for my weakness.  It would just be easier if he would help!

How will I change my routine this week to improve weight loss?  I will increase my water intake.  I have been saying this since January 1st, but this time I mean it, of course.  I will up my cardio dancersize to the next level AND stay away from junk food!

I will not give up.  There is one really big draw back about losing weight when you are older.  I can already see the difference in my arms.  I have lost fat, built muscle but the skin is so saggy.  Sometimes it is enough to make me re-think losing weight, however, I am losing weight to be healthier and because I am eating healthier.  Quitting is not an option even if my arms do flap like a bird.

Perhaps sleeveless tops will be out of the question this year, we shall see.  Honestly, bigger arms look healthier than think, saggy skinned arms, but that is just my opinion.  I hope my legs don’t get too saggy, I always had fairly nice legs in a dress when I was between 110 – 120 pounds.  This time getting up to 150 pounds, might make a difference in how my legs look at 120 pounds.  Skin does not bounce back as easy when we get older.

Whatever happens to my body, happens.  I’m still going to continue to eat healthy and exercise.  No one has to look at it except me, and well, hubby of course.  I’ll just turn out the lights, lol!  Just kidding folks, but seriously, I am well on my “weigh.”

How are you doing?  Have you started a healthy challenge for yourself?  Having trouble? Are you staying on track?  Share your story here, if you like.   Comment and add your link.

Keep on Dancing!

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  1. I just started doing research on how to lose weight fast and having a healthier lifestyles and they made some good points! About a month I started intermittent fasting and I definitely recommend it, Im never going back! I believe it all starts with changing your habits. But I found this one product that helped me out so much and it will change the way you diet and you’ll understand dieting. If anyone is interested its called Safe and Smart dieting, Check it out down below!

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    1. I have done that in the past. I started to this time again because it is so easy to froget that you had an apple or an orange an hour ago, etc. I think I have a handle on it, and am pretty sure I am under my allotted 1200 cal. Per day, I do erite down one day a week just to keep me honest and make sure I stay on thrack. Thank you for your comment and encouragement!

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    1. You have one more post to go week 7. Are you exercising as well? Muscle weighs more than fat, so if you are building muscle, stomachis going down but scales aren’t, you are still losing fat. Plus, when you reach a plateau, you just have to change yuor exercise up a bit, if you’re not losing and not exercising, it is probably all about calorie intake. (I’m not an expert, this is just me). Water, add more water! I need to practise myself what I am preaching!


  2. Great blog I love it 🙂 Will follow for sure.
    Please check out my blog for top lifestyle, health and fitness tips if interested:)
    I believe it can be a great help for you and many others to lose weight and build muscles. I update often and much more is coming up to help.
    Keep it up girl and good luck with everything.

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