Healthy Eating Lifestyle – end of Wk #7 – 2 lbs

Good morning folks, I can hardly believe it is almost spring!  How about you?  I am so looking forward to going outside and seeing sunshine.  It might encourage me to drink more water.

So…here I am at the end of week seven and I felt pretty good about jumping on the scales this morning.  It feels like my stomach is shrinking a wee bit, lol!  I don’t see my energy jumping up though, just waiting for more sunshine I guess.

I lost two pounds this past week!  This is really hard work.  The first 10 lbs were so easy, and I knew they would be because they hadn’t become too attached to me.  It’s my life, I can think the way I want to, lol!  I’ve had one week of losing 0 lbs and then last week I only lost one.  What was different this past week?  I didn’t do any muscle strengthening exercises and just did two cardio nights.  If I am not building muscle, the scales will show a little more loss.  It might sound like a good think, but really it is better to build muscle.  It is all psychological, but I wanted to see a lower number on the scales for proof I was losing.  Silly really, because my clothes are fitting me better.  What better proof do I need than that?

I am not eating as many eggs as I would like since the Doctor told me my cholesterol was a bit high, nothing too concerning though.  I am only having 1 egg a day with green vegetables, then a lean ground turkey burger with green vegetables.  I am eating carbs as well, just not as much or as often.  I have to make sure I get enough Iron, as a few months ago I became anemic.  Actually that is almost a year ago now, and I am no longer that way.  I eat shreddies, raisins and twice or three times a week I am eating red meat.  I really would like to eat less meat altogether though.

Since I have a cat, it is hard for me to think about eating meat.  Look at those cute little rabbits, just as cute as a kitty and people eat them.  I’m not judging anyone, I am just saying, I am finding it difficult to eat meat.  I have always loved meat, but life is a-changing for me, I guess.

My weight now sits at 137 lbs, which sounds much nicer than 150 lbs.  The thing I am noticing now is;  I am losing weight off my face, which makes my jowls sag even more.  I have noticed another wrinkly pocket has emerged around my chin and jowels.  It really makes a person look older, so I might have to stop my weight loss and maintain, once I get to 130 lbs instead of 120.  I will decide when I get there.

I am pleased but I do think I will add the strengthening, resistance training back into my routine at least twice a week.  I will focus on how my clothes fit, how I feel, not so much as what the scales say.

Oh yeah, the water issue.  I just can’t get into it yet.  Two bottles, I think one day I managed three but two is the normal amount I take in.  At least that is 4 – 8 oz glasses a day.  Nothing to kick my ass over.

Nothing is worth beating myself up over.  Nothing is worth you beating yourself up over either.  I tried for two years to get back into this healthy kick.  Yes it took me that long to convince myself, I needed to do this.  Not just to look better, more for feeling better.  My acid reflux has really decreased.  I still have no will power, so if hubby comes home with buttered popcorn bags, which he did, I have to indulge.  This time there were only 3 bags, so once they were gone I couldn’t have anymore.  Again I won’t kick my ass for that.

A person, everyone, just has to do what they have to do to make themselves feel better.  Sometimes it is rest, sometimes it is exercise, sometimes it is sunlight.  We don’t always feel like exercising, me included.  If I don’t, that means I need more rest, so that is what I do.

I hope you all have ways of making yourself feel better when you are down.  It is different for everyone, some need more help than others.  Whatever it is you do to feel better, please feel free to share it here, so everyone else that reads this post can read it too.  You might be able to say that one thing, that will make a difference for that one person.  The way you feel is important stuff, whether it is good or bad.

How do you relax, get motivated, get out of depression, get moving?

I’m Frazzled Again.

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  1. You need to be very proud of yourself for sticking with this new eating regimen. I mean it! When and I am saying when you consistently do exercise, your face will firm up along with the rest of your body. Keep up the great work on yourself and being an inspiration to others. As for the question you asked … I have battled depression all of my life. A little while ago I finally stopped fighting it and instead told it I wanted to befriend it and actually love it. Since that time I have not had a depressive state. Sure I have my downs yet a lot of sad has happened in my life and that is to be expected. I’m learning the more you push something away or fight it the more it seems to pop up in your life. At least that is my experience …. 🌸🌸🌸

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    1. Aw, thank you for responding to that question. I hope someone reads it, that needs it! I too accepted my depression and combat it with positive thoughts, but I am also on lifelong medication as it is a chemical imbalance. Thank you so much.

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    1. Thank you Barb, I figured it out long ago. I have to love myself as I am. That doesnt mean I can’t make changes to improve, just love myself. Are you back from your holiday? That was quick, right? Was it wonderful? Write a post about it. We want to know!

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  2. I’ve made it to your current post, if you not reading my comments in the order I wrote them then this is going to make no sense. Most things I write don’t make sense so no change there. I’m glad to hear you have carried on losing weight. I found the first 10lbs easy but am not stuck and I need to lose more than you. I’m hoping next I will lose more.

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    1. Haha, thank you for continuing to read. I did read them i. Order, just happened to be on the ipad same time as you were commenting. First 10 lbs definitely the easiest. They haven’t yet attached themselves to your insides lol! Cardio and water, maybe less calories. IT did not go on overnight, it won’t come off overnight either. A little progress is better than none. It takes time to change to a healthy lifestyle.

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  3. Great job on persevering on your goals! You’re on the right track measuring by how clothes fit instead of the scale, too! You’re going to reach your goal!! When I’m feeling blue, I grab my camera or a good book and learn something new!

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