Why should we dim the lights?

via Daily Prompt: Dim

Today’s word prompt could have had me writing about many dim things, but I didn’t want to go to a dark place this morning.  I do hope the sun is shining bright where you are!  Unless of course it is night-time.  Then I hope you are sleeping well while I am writing this post!

I must be the most unromantic female, known to man-kind.  The only time I want the light dim, is if I am dancing.  Of course, that is so no one can see me dancing, lol!

I like to be able to see what I am eating.  I don’t want to be surprised by a hair in my mouth, or worse, a bug.  Ugh.  This makes me shiver just thinking about it.  I mean, a little bit of dimming is okay, but this whole candle-light thing is not for me.  Turn on the lights so I can see what I am eating.  Have a look at the feature image.  Imagine if it was even darker in the room.  Wouldn’t those little green sprouts look like spiders or something?  That would freak me out!  Turn on the lights!

I do like the setting in romantic movies though.  It seems perfect, two people in love, or just getting to know each other, sitting in a dimly lit restaurant, feeling cozy, sexy and…yea, whatever, just bring the food.

Okay, so I have been married for over 25 years.  I know what you are thinking, however, I have never wanted or liked candle-light dinners.  Not even when romance was new.  Call me weird, but as I’ve said before, I am not weird, everyone else is!

So…wherever you are eating this evening, make sure you can see what’s on your plate.  Make sure nothing has crept in that isn’t suppose to be there.  Did you find any surprises?  Probably not, but let me know if you did.  Does anyone else think like this?

I hope I didn’t ruin anyone’s plan for a romantic evening, this is just me talking.

I’m Frazzled Again.


photo by pixabay.com

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