What would you do with an extra large fabric bandage? I mean, really large!

via Daily Prompt: Fabric

I hope you are having a lovely weekend, resting, recovering, re-cooperating, playing, reading.  Whatever it takes to refresh, I hope you can do that this weekend.

I guess my question sounds rather strange in the title of this post, but really we need extra-large fabric bandages.  We all know that bandages come in all sorts of shapes and sizes and they even make fabric ones.  What are bandages used for?  Wounds of course!  We use them to heal wounds.

I have been reading so many posts about so many wounds that need to be healed.  I’m not talking about little scratches.  I’m talking about whole body wounds, when every muscle in your body cannot, or will not move.  You cannot get out of bed, you have no energy,  you can’t think straight.  You feel, lost, withdrawn, it seems you are in so deep, you cannot even crawl out.

Wouldn’t it be great if we could make a great big fabric bandage to wrap around our whole body, to heal all the wounds we’ve had from head to toe, inside and out since the day we were born? Since we don’t have bandages this big, unless you are a mummy, just imagine it.  Imagine if you could take this bandage and wrap it around your body wherever it hurts.  How would it feel to have a great big hug that would never let go?  Feel the warmth, the love, the coziness.  Feel the healing start mending the heart, the broken bones, the invasion of privacy, especially to your own self.  The adhesive so strong, you could not break the bond, no matter how hard you tried.  You could not stop the healing, it just kept getting better and better.  By it, I mean life, I mean you, feeling better and better.

I could almost use this as a meditation, visualize being surrounded by a bond that will never let you down, ever.  What do you think?  Can you visualize a whole body, fabric bandage wrapped around you, healing every part of you, both emotional and physical wounds?  Wouldn’t it be awesome if you could actually do that? What do you visualize when you meditate?

I feel like mental health should not be so complicated to understand and get help, yet it is.

I’m Frazzled Again.


Photo by pixabay.com

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