Why do I always have to branch out?

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Hello everyone.  Is there anyone else out there that gets bored with everything, including their job?  Do you just feel like you want to branch out, do more things?  My mind never shuts off.

I currently have so many things on the go.  I have a store that I closed for the winter.  I have signed a lease in a new location and now I will have two stores for about eight months and cannot afford to hire someone to help.  Now I have to run two stores myself!  I know, I bring it all on myself.

The current store is much bigger and I have a building filled with stuff to the ceiling, well almost.  I rent a storage unit, for stuff.  I have a Sea container full of stuff I’m storing.  I have a basement, upper floor and main floor in the current store that I have to empty by this November.  I have a house that has three rooms full of stuff I have to organize and get rid of.  Yet, in all the time I’ve been closed I have done barely anything to get any of that “stuff” organized.

Through all this I have going on, my mind is still working over-time, wondering what else I can do to make money!!!!  How foolish is that?  I just keep wanting to branch out into other areas to see if I can find something that I can do to make money.  I love doing stuff, I don’t regret doing all the stuff I have done, but… at some point I have to get my act together, before I have to retire.  I’m not physically well at the best of times, so to add more onto my plate is just ridiculous.

I have all this stuff to do, yet I am bored.  I guess it is a part of my mental illness.  There are all kinds of blocks I put up that stops me from doing anything, yet I work my arse off.  Who gets that?  Does anyone else do that?  Well if I manage to get through this next year without a mental breakdown, I’ll be doing good!

I was all ready to cut off some of these branches I have extended, now I’ve gone and signed a new lease.  Who does that?  Lord, help me get through this next year.  I promise, after this, I won’t start another business.  Wait, “Don’t make promises you can’t keep.”  I have to keep this promise.  I made a promise to my husband to stop going to the casino.  The last time was New Year’s Eve.  No I didn’t win.  I’m not working and I can’t afford to do these things.  Problem is, there is nothing else I am motivated to do.  Writing.  I am motivated most days to write.  That doesn’t pay the bills though.  I have an online store all set up and haven’t added any products to it.  Just procrastinating again.  How am I ever going to get everything done that I have to get done?  Get of my arse, that’s how!

I’m Frazzled Again.


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12 thoughts on “Why do I always have to branch out?

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  1. Thats so me! Thats totally me. I get overwhelmed and tired and still feel i have to do something i am not doing enough. It drives me insane.
    Friends remind me everything that i have done to calm me down.

    Well..you are not alone. Try writing down all the work you have piled up and organize..that’s how i get my shit togather.

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  2. I feel everything is important and start doing it still I feel that’s not enough so I pile up more and plan some more work to do . Then one day I just leave everything for a day or two for peace doing nothing ….Phase will pass be patient …Just keep doing it

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    1. I sure hope so, I’ve been like this for 50 years, or more, but I have come a long way, so tonight I just spent 1 hour sorting, putting in containers, getting ready for a yard sale


  3. Wow!! You have your hands very full. 😀😀😀. If only I lived close by because I love organising, grouping and arranging things. But you’re doing great to manage all these and still get bored. You’re a human genius 👏🏾👏🏾 . I couldn’t function like that I’d go crazy, hence I have to organise and know what I’m doing. Anyway, God’s grace as you manage it all. You can do it 💪🏾💪🏾


  4. Dear friend, when you spread yourself too thin you get nothing accomplished. In order to succeed you must figure out what to focus on and stay focused on that very thing. My goodness my brain cramped when I thought of everything you are doing! I don’t know how you’re juggling it all! Good luck and I will keep my fingers crossed that you figure out how to succeed and make a lot of money at that! Much Love to you this day! 💕🌸💕


  5. Thank you Amy. I did spend an hour sorting, packing, labelling boxes last night, getting ready to have a yard sale in the summer tog et rid of some of this stuff. My brain is hurting right now, lol! I have piled too much on.


  6. LOL – I can relate! Somehow we always find time to stop and write about it though don’t we? It’s the creative juices flowing – don’t knock em down, embrace them and have fun!

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