Healthy eating lifestyle – end of wk 10 – It’s finally working!

The sun is shining, the weight is dropping, I’m eating healthy and enjoying it.  What could be better than that?  Winning the lottery maybe, or not.

Good morning all of you lovely peeps!  Everyone’s days are up and down, and I am happy to say today is an up day.  Ten weeks of eating healthy, I am slowly getting to my goal.  This week I lost 2 lbs.  For the last three or four weeks it has been barely one.

What did I do this past week that was different from previous?  I stopped eating late at night.  I eat nothing, unless it is cucumber slices after 7 pm.  I am keeping up my water intake of three to four bottles a day.  I did not have one ounce of junk food this week.  I have stopped snacking on soda crackers, which was my go to for feeling hungry, bored, depressed.  It was hard to do but this week I just didn’t refill the cupboards with crackers.  I had replaced it with eating shreddies later in to the night so I stopped doing that as well.  Every little bit helps.  Now I have the shreddies or all bran earlier, like three in the afternoon or six in the evening.  Just a half-cup with skim milk to make sure my tummy doesn’t feel too hungry when I’m going to bed.

I have this awful habit of waking up an hour after going to sleep and feeling hungry, even if I have snacked just before going to bed.  This week I started convincing myself the hunger pangs, which weren’t really that pang-ful, are just the unnecessary fat ripping away from my body.  Yes, the fat is ripping away and that is why the growling happens.  I really am not hungry when this happens, it is habit.  Instead of going to the fridge or cupboard the minute I think about food, I tell myself I am thinking about it because the fat is coming off.  Hey, whatever works! It seems to be working for me.  I am also taking vitamin supplements…iron pill, omega 3’s, daily vitamins to make sure I am not going to become anemic again.

I started at 150 lbs, now I am at 134 lbs.  I will do a comparison photo when I get down to 130 lbs.  It should only be two weeks from now since I plan to stick to this healthy eating life-style I have set up for myself.

How are you all doing for your life-style goals?  Whether it is travelling, eating, exercising, drawing, I would love for you to share it here in the comments.  Thank you for your interest in my posts and following along!

Today, I am not Frazzled! but that is my signature so… have a great week!

I’m Frazzled Again.

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  1. Good for you! I like the way you think of hunger pangs. I’ll have to look at them that way, too. My eating habits have been horrible and I’ve gained 2 lbs. I can’t stop eating chocolate as a way to self-soothe. My other way of self-soothing is even worse—it’s cutting. I’m also not looking forward to the lithium weight.

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  2. It is hard Barb, when you don’t have choices that you really like. Last year I was addicted to pringle potato chips. I was eating a can a day, no wonder I got to 150 lbs on my 5’2” height. I replace pringles with soda crackers so for another 7 or 8 months I was addicted to soda crackers. Thinking they had less fat, I ate twice as much. I had to cut it out. I finally cut way back to 1/2 a sleeve of crackers, ehich is still too much. Finally gave it up totally last week. So for chocolate, if you re notr eady to give it up, think of something you can replace it with that has less chocolate but still tastes good. It is so hard. I’ve been addicted to junk food all my life. I too gained weight from my effexor medication.


  3. So proud of you, Frazzled!! You are learning how to eat healthy. Keep up the great progress and I’m really looking forward to the before and after pictures. Thanks for reminding me. I’m wanting to take pics of me as I return to the gym and keep weekly pics to watch my progress. Now these will be for my eyes only because I’ll be taking them in my undies with a camera that is NOT connected to anything. I immediately then will download those into my laptop in a safe file that is locked. NO ONE will see me in my skivvies but me. LOL Perhaps I’ll take pics of me in shorts and a tank top and do a comparison pic with that. Hmmmmm ….. I’ll think on this. AND I believe I am gaining weight … I haven’t weighed myself but my jeans are getting more snug. Success for the both of us! YEAH!!!! 👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼

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  4. Taking photos is a good diea. There won’t be much change from week to week. But month to month. I was going to post week to week photos, then when the time came Ir ealized the photo wouldnt look any different even though my body was changing. Keep in mind, I am definitely fully clothed in pants and a short sleeved shirt. I will take the photo in the same clothes as in the original pic. I’m at 10 weeks, so I think at the 12 week mark, I’ll do that. Success to both of us, yay!


      1. Cutting out dairy? That is a big one. Are you going vegan? I’m going partially vegetarian, but not completely. I eat a lot less meat than I use to. Crunchy…carrots! Cucumbers, very few calories.

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      2. I am not going vegan, but dairy is the source of several problems. Stomach aches, skin broken out and headaches. Now I will work on adding more plant based foods. Thanks for the suggestions!!


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