I am two people – no longer anonymous

Good afternoon folks! It has taken me a while to come to this point, feeling confident enough to reveal the other side of me. I actually feel like I am two very different people. Not in the sense of split personality disorder, but in certain situations I can outwardly show that I am confident, can do many things, but inside I’m scared shitless.

Back in February I decided to give my “confident” self a trial run with blogging. I started another blog using my own name and posting about my cat, about my work and things I like to do.  I haven’t really been motivated to post anything amazing, but I did start doing some do it yourself videos (house painting) and have posted lots of photos and started participating in Cee’s photo challenges. So the other blog is totally different from this one, so if you decide to follow it as well, you will not get the same notifications or the same posts as you get on this one.

I am very nervous about revealing the other site because on this one, I can write what I want. If people don’t like it, that is okay. People don’t know what I look like so there is no judgement.

I have just crossed the 300 followers on this blog which has been going since December. I have connected with a lot of you and really like this blog and the people I have met. I love being called Frazzled, I love everything about it. I can write about mental illness etc. And I can support other people who are having issues as well. I use to post photos of my cat here but stopped because I didn’t want to use him in a negative light which most of my posts are except for weight-loss.

I want to keep both blogs separate because the other blog is shared on my Facebook page and my business Facebook page. Most of the people on there do not know of my anxiety among other things. I don’t want people to come in to my store and talk about me, my anxiety and illness, etc. I want the customer to be the focus, it has to be about them. I am not ashamed of my mental illness but I don’t want to be judged when people come in to the store. Having said that, if you are ever in town, you are certainly welcome to stop by the store and say, ” Hey, I’m __________, I follow you on Rant and Reason. Or Hi Frazzled! How are you?

About my other blog. I do surprise myself sometimes, what I am capable of doing even though hiding anxiety is probably the thing I do best. I just started doing YouTube videos in February, just started the blog in February. If you watch any of the videos, keep in mind that I had just started losing weight so I am between 145-150 lbs in those videos. I am shocked I actually had the courage to post them even though I was very heavy for my size. It just shows I am getting better at accepting me for me.  I’m not great at doing the videos, but it doesn’t matter.  With time I will get better… or do less of them, lol!

For the past week I have been doing meditations, EFT’s and hypnosis online to gain confidence etc., that is how I came to decide that I’m ready to do this now. So here is my other blog, which I only have 39 followers since February. The old me would have said, yup, there’s the proof, nobody likes me, but the new more confident, positive person says, “I really haven’t put a lot of effort in to the new blog. I havent found anything to write about. I havent found my rhythm or designed a nice header, etc.

If you choose to check out the blog, there is an introduction video to my blog. The first part of it is okay music wise, but the music got too loud towards the end and you can’t actually hear what I am saying. I couldn’t fix it without redoing the whole thing over again.

My blog website is. Www.theressomethingaboutnancy.blog

I do know that two of my followers here are following that site, you might have made the connection, but I doubt it as it IS very different. I wanted to say something and welcome you as an old friend bloggers but I wasn’t sure if I would ever reveal it, but here I am wide open for the world to criticize , please be nice, as I know you will be anyway. I promise none of the posts are the same as this one.

It’s all about what I do, my cat, yes there are a couple of cat videos. Once I get back to work I will work on that blog a little more as I will be sitting at the store waiting for customers to come in. I might have a lot of time on my hands, just not at home. My favourite blog is this one though. I am just so much more comfortable here, but I have a lot I want to say there too.

My real name is Nancy Browne.  I told some of you my name was Anna, which is partly true, middle name is Anna Mae.  I apologize, but anonymous is anonymous, but no more.  However, here I still wish to be called Frazzled, just because I like it!  Thank you in advance for checking it out.  I would love if you followed the other blog as well, but of course, as always, it is up to you.

I’m Frazzled Again.

19 thoughts on “I am two people – no longer anonymous

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  1. Hi Nancy(frazzled), I finally know your name now. I will check out your other blog. And congratulations for having the courage to share your other blog (which is the other side of you) This is a big step for you. Wishing you all the best for the weight loss program.. ❤

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      1. It is normal to feel that way Nancy. I could relate that sometimes, it’s hard to share some private things about our personal life, I honestly admire your courage having to do so. Keep on writing and may you continue your weight loss program. 🙂

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  2. I don’t see the reason for hiding,you don’t need to do that you are not bad person,you don’t have evil heart.About your illness,it is ok strength will come some day,i believe in you,problems are our berg which will fall soon.Hang on your time is coming,world will met fearless Nancy 🙂 who is frazzled.


    1. Nash you make me laugh, yes the world has met me now. It is the stories I was hiding, from my family. There are some things better left unsaid to family members. On this blog I can just rant away and write away.

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  3. Nancy, I am SO proud of you! You have taken a huge leap forward overcoming your fears. Keep on pushing forward and just accepting you just as you are now right now. I did follow your other blog …. how exciting this is!!! BRAVA!!! 👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼

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    1. Thank you AmyRose! I havent posted mich on either site this week. I noticed you were on the other one too. I thought that was pretty cool. Thank so so much. Ill be posted things next week, as I am starting to set up the new store now. It is exciting!

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