Healthy eating lifestyle – Wk# aw, who cares? It’s a way of life now! Check out EFT and Hypnosis videos

Good morning everyone!  Hope your Easter was great.  This is the first Easter that I have been able to stay away from the chocolates and other goodies at my Sister-in-law’s house having dinner.  I also did not over stuff myself with turkey, potatoes.  I ate sensibly and not a single piece of chocolate!  Unbelievable.

This morning I got on the scales and I was so pleased to see that I have lost 2 more pounds.  I am now at 129.  Nine pounds to go.  So what was different this week that I lost two pounds instead of just one?  Well, let me tell you!…

I have mentioned EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) in other posts.  This is what I started doing a little over a week ago to combat my craving for junk food and biting my nails and anxiety.  There are YouTube videos for everything!  It works!  I must say though, when the title of the video says instant results, they don’t mean actually instant but it means that your subconscious mind is going to work a lot harder staying away from junk food.  I thought it was really silly when I first tried it.  I didn’t believe it would work.  Well, first time through it didn’t.  You have to do it a few times before you start to feel less cravings, less habits. etc.

I have not bitten my finger nails in over a week!!!  Unheard of for me.  My anxiety is calmed down pretty good and my cravings are in control.  However, since I started doing the EFT program, I have also discovered subliminal hypnosis for various things.  Again, there is a video for every thing you want to change about yourself.  Be careful what you wish for.  I did a subliminal video to remove unwanted hair.  One time through and I lost all the hair in one arm pit, BUT…I also lost half of my eyebrows!  I have watched a few more videos and have since lost the other arm pit hair, leg hair except for about 10 hairs and arm hair.  I did not lose the rest of my eyebrows or any head hair.  You really have to be careful which ones you listen to.  If it says, get rid of body hair, that might mean everything.  If it says, get rid of unwanted hair, then you might be okay.

EFT and subliminal hypnosis for anxiety, stress issues and anything you can imagine go to YouTube.  I feel better if I listen to the hypnosis videos while awake before I will actually allow myself to go into hypnosis.

Here are two of my favourite tapping and hypnosis videos.  The first one is tapping.

This one is hypnosis meeting your inner child (on of many I listen to.)



To hear more about the subliminal hypnosis techniques go to my other blog  and check out my post.  I am going to do YouTube videos as well, to show which techniques work for me for what issue.  I will do that post, hopefully sometime this evening and upload a video as well.  I plan to update maybe weekly or monthly on the progress.

I honestly am feeling so good right now.  I have been watching subliminal hypnosis for arthritis relief etc. and it is working as well.  I will be reviewing all of these subliminal videos on the other blog as shown above.

Until next week,  Thank you for checking in.

I’m Frazzled Again.


10 thoughts on “Healthy eating lifestyle – Wk# aw, who cares? It’s a way of life now! Check out EFT and Hypnosis videos

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  1. Wow!!! I did the tapping video and I really DO feel better! Frazzled Nancy, I have been carrying around some heaviness, not negativity per se but nonetheless “worry”. This is SO cool! I feel better! I bookmarked this page to my bookmarks (if you don’t mind) so that I can come back later for the Inner Child video. And I’m intrigued about the unwanted hair … man, I do not like to shave at all! How nice NOT to have hair that is unwanted. But I’ll heed your warning and be careful with that one. I LOVE my hair on my head!!! And I do not want it to go anywhere! 😘

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    1. Eft tapping is perfectly fine so long as they are not mentioning things like quit smoking, when that is not what you ate trying to do. I quit that almost 30 years ago, so I was worried it would make me start thinking about it again. You feel even more after you have done it a few times. The subliminal hypnos for u wanted hair and other stuff are the real ones to be careful of, especially if you don’t know wht they are saying. Sometimes in their video description they tell you the exact affirmations they are using. I have lots of head hair and I dont think I lost any. On my other blog, I just posted the video in which I lost half my eyebrows, lol! I have now also lost all the hair on my legs and arms and both inder arms now. Cant believe it works. We’ll see if it is permanent.

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