Exit Stage Left!

It has been a while since I have written any posts or even read any posts.  Thank you to those of you who noticed I was missing in action.  While I am still managing to keep at my healthy eating life-style, well for the most part, I have been Frazzled and overwhelmed by many things.  I try to keep thinking positive but it isn’t working right now.

I had started a new blog way back when but I haven’t written on that one either.  I made a few more bad choices regarding business, etc. and am struggling to cope with the mess I have gotten myself into.  I am not suicidal or anything just really disappointed in the outcome of events.

Currently I am struggling to operate two stores.  One the lease is up in November so I am still paying for a store I am in only one day a week when the markets are on.  That is the busiest day so I can’t pass it up since the new store I leased back in April isn’t doing well.  The location is perfect, high visibility but there are parking issues which were not apparent when I signed the lease.  A few people have driven around and around figuring it out, but most people will not make that much effort.  Otherwise, this would have been the ultimate location.  I am working out of it 5 days a week, twiddling my thumbs waiting for people to come in.  I have ordered banners and signs which might help, but of all times, the site is having difficulties processing my order.  I have store signs with arrows to put up at the entrance, I hope that will help but since the guy who owns this building and the building beside it parks a car on each side of the entrance to sell his cars, people don’t realize it is my parking lot as well.

Financially, I am screwed once again.  Paying for two places and really only making money one day a week, which is at the old place.  The new lease is only one year so I am stuck with it until April of next year, but I may try to get out of it early.

Depression of course is setting in but I’m not giving up until I see if the new banners and signs will make a difference.  If by the end of August I still do not get customers into this new store I will definitely call it quits and sell everything off at a discount.  The lease payments plus the issues with Canada / US Tariffs and shipping charges, increase in gas prices, etc. is just ruining my business.

No one to blame but myself!  Right now I am not motivated to read posts or write posts since I have too many of my own problems I am having trouble dealing with.

My apologies to those of you who I was regularly following and commenting.  I do miss that, I just can’t do anything except sit and stare out the store window right now.  I may get back to writing once the summer is over and I have cleared out of the old store in September.

Please don’t give up on me yet.  If I decide I am just not into blogging and can’t manage it I will let you know.  I am still hoping things will work out.

Thank you for listening,

I’m Frazzled Again.

5 thoughts on “Exit Stage Left!

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  1. Stay strong and keep at until the lease is up. I know these are only words that don’t pay the bills but you have to keep going till you can’t. If it doesn’t work then that part of your life is over and you move on to the next chapter in your book. I wish you lots of good fortune.

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  2. Things will work out for you, just don’t give up, like you said. Don’t feel obligated to post or comment; you have to take care of yourself first. Stay strong and keep pushing through. The hard times always hold something of high value but you will only know what it is once you push through. ❤️


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