Getting to Know Me

Thank you folks, for taking the time to read all about me, and my blog!  I have been reading lots of posts this week about a lot of different topics.  It has helped me realize the real reason I am blogging.

As I read your posts, I began feeling better knowing there are a lot of people in the blogging community that have the same issues and interests as me.  You gave me a sense of belonging.  Between reading your posts, communicating with my Husband and spending time with Kitty Kat,  I should be feeling amazing in no time!

I hope by sharing my life experiences, it will help more people recognize when others, especially children, are in need of help but are afraid to ask.  Maybe they don’t know there is help.  As a very anxious child, I did not know any of that.  If anyone were to recognize symptoms of anxiety, desperation in another person because of something I wrote, or because of something another blogger wrote, that would be great!  You can reach out, especially to a child and offer help, even if it is just to say hello and show kindness.

I hear stories in the media about bullying, sexual assault, government spending and it really gets my blood boiling, so I hope you don’t mind every once in a while, if I post a rant to let off a bit of steam.   Please, feel free to respond to those rants as you wish, after all, these are the kinds of events that create anxiety in all of us.

A little about me;  As a youth I loved to sing, but only when no one could hear me.   I have always loved to write songs, complete with melody.  The melodies however, are pretty old school so I may share them as poems some day.  These days I can sing and play guitar in front of people, which would have been unimaginable years ago.  My goodness, how far I have come!

Despite my anxiety since childhood, I have accomplished many things, most of which I was able to do after I learned a little about anxiety management, later in my adult life and away from negative family members.  I now try anything I want to try, not without fear but in spite of fear.  I’ve worked in retail sales, corrections, painting and decorating, I’ve experimented with woodworking, and so much more.  My lack of social skills made it rather difficult to work for other people.   I kept trying, however, I was not successful.  I didn’t give up, I became self-employed.   I get bored very easy and like to keep my mind busy.  Blogging will definitely help me do that.  This blog is somewhat anonymous so no photos  of me.  Photos of Kitty Kat for now will have to do.  I have started writing a book but I don’t know if I will every have the courage to let it all out.  This is a perfect place to start.  I can release little bits of information as I feel compelled to.

I think that is enough about me for now so I will close, otherwise I won’t have anything to post about, lol!  I do hope you will check in again and leave your comments, suggestions and/or well wishes.   I do look forward to being part of the blogging community.

Thank you for listening,

I’m Frazzled Again.





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