Tending to Business, sort of

via Daily Prompt: Tend Good morning folks! I am feeling much better today. The sun is shining and it is not too cold. It's always a good day when I can tend to a bit of business. I've said it before and I'll say it again, I am such a procrastinator. My intention while being off work was to get the paper work done for my taxes and clean up my house. So far, I have not been too successful...cont'd...

How to Date Your Husband

This is good marital advice. I don’t have children but it still gets boring. I hope you don’t mind I am reblogging.

The Sensitive, Bookish Type

date your husbandMy husband and I have been married for more than ten years. That’s longer than I’ve ever lived in a single house or even a single city at one go. Much longer than I’ve ever held a single job.

It’s amazing, to be married so long. It is also B-O-R-I-N-G.

Yeah, I said it. Marriage is boring.

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Operation Bobbi Bear

I am reblogging this post, the program she talks a out here, sounds awesome.

Sunshiny SA Site

Giving back?  We thought we were. We came back with much more.

No, not freebies. Not exactly peace of mind either.  More of an awakening on the impact of sexual abuse on children.

Car full to brimming with goodies and presents, we set out for the coastal town of Amanzimtoti, a mere forty five minutes away from home.  The destination, Bobbi Bear.  Operation Bobbi Bear, as it is known, founded in 2010 is a human rights organisation run by passionate, devoted individuals whose mission is committed to helping sexually abused children.

To communicate the nature of the abuse, a “Bobbi Bear”, a little bear, a soft non-threatening toy is used.

On our arrival at the Rescue Centre, we were met by a warm and friendly smile from Zanele.  Imagine my surprise and delight when I actually got to meet Jacky Branfield who spearheads Operation Bobbi Bear. Dynamite does come in…

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My name was ugly, just like me!

I use to hate my name. I thought it was an ugly name. I thought I was ugly too! I always wanted to change my name to Mary-Jane. I have no idea why. Maybe I had met a nice person whose name was Mary-Jane. Maybe I thought if my name was different, I would be different. If I had a pretty name, maybe I would be pretty, or maybe I would be a totally different person...cont'd...

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