Healthy eating life-style – A little past 3 months! and still going!

Good morning folks, thank you for checking in. I have not posted anything for a couple of weeks. Caos seems to be my middle name right now, from a flood in our rented storage unit to missing our cat for two days. He is back, safe and sound. I will post on my other blog on that topic, hopefully later this evening. So...back to the weight loss, healthy eating lifestyle, management, cravings ... cont'd...

soothing the savage beast

This made me laugh so I am rebloggi g!


Mister whiskers jumps up in my lap
Does everything but hand me the comb
Ah, now it’s time!
A mutual love-in.
We both take pleasure from this ritual.
He, with his whirring motor running
and his dribbling drool
as I do the mandatory stroking.
His inner lids half closed in nirvana.
He turns to face me so I can get to more places,
when oops! wrong place.
He strikes with the swiftness of a cobra,
and I have a bloody nose now.
Little bastard.

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